Friday, July 20, 2012

What I did on Vacation

I'm back after almost three weeks at the beach.  It was a wonderfully relaxing time and the only compliant I have about my vacation ended!

So what exactly did I do, you ask?  I slept - I caught up on sleep and nap when ever I felt like it!

I sat on my beach chair...a lot.  I don't surf or skim board or fish so my time on the sands was either spent sitting or napping or swimming.  We like to wait and go to the beach after 4 pm to avoid the heat, sunburns, and the crowds.  The downside is the lifeguards go home at 5 pm, but the upside, I did meet a few friends - the sand crabs (not sure that's their official name) come out at twilight and were fun to watch skitter sideways around on the sand.

I caught up on my pile of magazines, and I read a stack of books.  Here's a list of the books I finished:
Six books might not be a lot for some readers, but for me - it's a record :) To read my reviews of these books, go to my Goodreads page:

I created - not with words as my family was very adamant that I not write while on vacation.  But my good friend Judi came for a few days and we made Gourdaments - they look like glass x-mas ornaments, but they're really painted gourds.  Pretty cool!  And I also made two necklaces, and three pair of earrings and got my sister addicted to making jewelry.

I visited with my extended family.  My parents came for a few days and my sister and her boys came, too.

I watched a LOT of DVDs - which I don't do at home.  I mostly watched season 2 of The Big Bang Theory (love this show - it appeals to my inner scientist geek), and season 2 of Deadliest Catch (don't know why I enjoy this show, but I do).

I took photographs.  I went out around sunset to get the best light.  No - I don't do sunrises - I haven't seen a sunrise since I landed in Sydney, Australia last August ;>

And there was some biking on the boardwalk, walks on the beach, shopping at the outlets, dining out, and skeet ball, too.

All in all a perfect vacation for relaxing.