Friday, March 3, 2017

Shattered Glass Audio Book Giveaway!

Now that the excitement of DAWN STUDY's release is winding down and the feedback I've gotten has been super fantastic, I'm giving away 20 copies of SHATTERED GLASS' audio book - narrated by the extremely talented Gabra Zackman.

If you haven't read SHATTERED GLASS - it's an eNovella about Opal and the story events happen after NIGHT STUDY and go into the beginning of DAWN STUDY.

Here's the cover copy: While trying to teach her adopted daughter, Reema how to work with molten glass, Opal receives a letter from Master Magician Zitora Cowan requesting Opal's immediate help. Zitora resigned from the Sitian Council over two years ago to search for her lost sister and no one has heard from her since. The letter is probably a trick, but Opal refuses to pass up the opportunity to help her mentor who may be in genuine trouble. Good thing Opal isn't that easy to fool and, with her two soldier friends, Nic and Eve providing backup, the three travel to a small town in the Jewelrose Clan with the hope of rescuing the Master Magician without being caught in the same trap.

You can purchase a copy of the eNovella for 0.99 US at the following US retailers (proceeds benefit Araella - a young lady who's been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer):
Amazon Kindle
Apple iTunes

The audio book is also available to download for $5.95, so if you don't win, you can still get your own copy here:
Apple iTunes Audio book
Audible Audio Book

International readers go here for links: Maria's Short Story page 


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