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The Absinthe Earl Author Interview & Giveaway!

Today is the release date for THE ABSINTHE EARL, by Sharon Lynn Fisher. I was lucky to get an early review copy to provide a potential blurb for Sharon and I just fell in love with this story!

Sharon kindly agreed to answer my Take 10 questions and to offer a copy of her new book to one lucky winner! Yes, it's international!! The Rafflecopter form is at the bottom - the give away ends October 22, 2019

Here's my blurb: ''Charming and filled with intriguing characters, dangerous enemies, and hidden desires, The Absinthe Earl hooked me from the start.''

Here's the cover copy: They crossed centuries to find each other. Their love will shatter worlds. 

Miss Ada Quicksilver, a student of London's Lovelace Academy for Promising Young Women, is spending her holiday in Ireland to pursue her anthropological study of fairies. She visits Dublin's absinthe bars to investigate a supposed association between the bittersweet spirit and fairy sightings.

One night a h…

POISON STUDY now an Interactive Story!

Exciting news that I've been holding on to since the beginning of this year! POISON STUDY has been picked up by Chapters Interactive Stories. Which means you can download the app and "play" the story - it's a choose your own adventure. Here's the cover!

To download the app, go to your App Store and search for Chapters Interactive Stories. It's free and playing the book is also free - although you need diamonds to do certain premium choices. Currently there are 5 chapters to play and every Monday they will add 5 more.

I've been working on the script with the editors at Crazy Maple Studio so the story line is almost the same as the book. But there are a few changes to streamline a few things.

It's fun - I was surprised by just how fun it is and I wrote the book! Bonus, Chapters bought the rights to all the Study Books so there will be more coming!

I'm running a give away right now for free diamonds for my Soulfinders! I've a new-ish Facebook re…

Off Planet Author Interview & Give Away!

I always enjoy doing my Take 10 Q&As with various authors. This time, I'm really excited for you to get to know Aileen Erin! She was one of the students I mentored when she was attending Seton Hill University for her MFA. And I'm proud to say she has done well with her writing career since graduation (so satisfying for a mentor). 

Her latest book is a YA Science Fiction that I had the pleasure of providing feedback for the first 50 pages. Once she finished writing it, she asked me to provide a blurb for her book and I enjoyed it so much I gave her a blurb and invited her to my blog.

My blurb: "In this bleak world, one spark of hope soon turns into an inferno. And just like a fireball, once this story is ignited, it just doesn't stop."

Cover copy: Maité Martinez has always yearned for more than waitressing in a greasy diner, especially when most people have left the polluted ruins of Earth behind for a better life on other planets. It’s not just working at the …

Snyder's Soulfinders!

Snyder's Soulfinders is A NEW Facebook Reading Group for my readers! I started it a week ago and it already has almost 800 members! We're discussing all things BOOKS! Mostly my books, but others as well, and the best part is finding other MVS readers to talk to.

Some popular posts so far:

Introduce Yourself & Name your favorite MVS book: Readers from all over the world have chimed in.

Show off your books: So many lovely collections and amazing bookcases! Jealous!

How did you discover MVS's books: Lots of crazy recommendations and odd circumstances.

Who else writes: Many readers are aspiring novelists.

A discussion on Ari & Janco's relationship: Are they more than friends?

Upcoming Posts:

Ask Maria: A place to ask me questions!

Also I'll be posting news about my schedule and books to the group - FIRST! And hosting special contests to win prizes.

Link to Join:
Snyder's Soulfinders

Please answer 2 of the 3 questions as best that you can! We don't want any …

The Eyes of Tamburah

Doesn't that title sound like a fantasy book? In fact, it's my NEXT book and the start of a new series titled Archives of the Invisible Sword.  Book 1, The Eyes of Tamburah is coming out on June 17, 2019 in Australia/New Zealand! Isn't the cover fantastic? It's perfect - really perfect.

I've no idea when it'll be out in the US/UK/Canada/etc... Still waiting on news. See here's the publisher for all my other novels (except NTS), Harlequin decided not to publish anymore of my new books. Except the Australian office - they believed in me and bought both my new series - a fantasy one and the SF one! Which was wonderful and is why I have publication dates for Australia and New Zealand, but not for the other countries. I'm shopping the series around to other publishers and hope to get some interest. I tried to find a home for Navigating the Stars without luck so that's why I did it myself! If I can't find a home for The Eyes of Tamburah, I…

Navigating the Stars Audio Book Giveaway!

The audio book for Navigating the Stars is available! Woo Hoo!! To celebrate yet another fantastic job by narrator Gabra Zackman, who has just been nominated for an Audie Award (congratulations, love!), we're giving away 20 free copies!

Unfortunately, I only have codes for the US and the UK so it's limited to my readers who can access Audible in the US and in the UK.

See below for the Rafflecopter!

To listen to a free sample, go here:  NTS Audio Book US/UK

The Australian audio book was narrated by Alice Barrington and is available to readers who live in Australia and New Zealand. You can listen to a free sample here: NTS Audio Book ANZ


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Smoke & Summons Author Interview & Give Away!

Last April, Charlie's publisher asked me to read her book, Smoke & Summons for a potential cover quote. Reading books well before they're out is one of the perks of being an author. However, waiting to talk about it and tell all my friends and readers about it has been killing me! Finally, I'm able to share how much I loved this book and loved both Sandis and Rone!

Charlie was also kind enough to answer my Take 10 questions. And she is offering a hardcover book and an audio book to two lucky winners in the US only. And I'm offering one paperback book to an international winner. See the Rafflecopter form below!

Here's my cover quote: Once this story gets going, the action—Just. Doesn’t. Stop. By the time you reach the end, you’re breathless.

The cover blurb: As a human vessel for an ancient spirit, Sandis lives no ordinary life. At the command of her master, she can be transformed against her will into his weapon—a raging monster summoned to do his bidding. Unlik…