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On Tour :-)

I made it to Australia and have been having a great time meeting all my Australian readers.  I posted some pictures on my facebook page (  My events have 'been packed with enthusastic fans, and I'm currently in Melbourne.  I've the next couple days off, then i'm off to Sydney for a number of events.

Here are a few things I've learned about Australia:
- They drive on the wrong side of the road, but somehow manage not to have massive accident
- Kangaroos are not everywhere
- Tim Tamsg are addicting and snickers pods are amazing
-they have some very creative names like the Hog's Breath restaurant - they have wonderful hog tails (i.e. curly fries). Pie Face (I think this is a bake shop), and the Twisted Sista cafe.
- they don't drink Foster's lauger beer. they have beers like the Fat Yak and Tooheys. I'm a

big fan of fan of parial to Toohey's extra dry