POISON STUDY now an Interactive Story!

Exciting news that I've been holding on to since the beginning of this year! POISON STUDY has been picked up by Chapters Interactive Stories. Which means you can download the app and "play" the story - it's a choose your own adventure. Here's the cover!

To download the app, go to your App Store and search for Chapters Interactive Stories. It's free and playing the book is also free - although you need diamonds to do certain premium choices. Currently there are 5 chapters to play and every Monday they will add 5 more.

I've been working on the script with the editors at Crazy Maple Studio so the story line is almost the same as the book. But there are a few changes to streamline a few things.

It's fun - I was surprised by just how fun it is and I wrote the book! Bonus, Chapters bought the rights to all the Study Books so there will be more coming!

I'm running a give away right now for free diamonds for my Soulfinders! I've a new-ish Facebook reading group called Snyder's Soulfinders (name picked by a core group of super fans), and you're welcome to join. Just answer at least 2 of the questions so we know you're not a troll. Here's a link: Snyder's Soulfinders


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  2. Found your book there and LOVED it since it is so different from the other stories on the app. Please do have them post your other books as well.
    Since they are 'slow' and will only release a few chapters every week, I went ahead and read all your books.
    Hopefully, there will be a chance for a move down the road.

    1. Hi Kath! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book on the Chapters app so much you went ahead and read the rest! My other books are coming out on Chapters, but I don't have a release date for them. They keep moving the release dates - Poison Study had 5 different ones! Are you a member of my Snyder's Soulfinders facebook reading group? I post all my news there first. If you're interested, here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SnydersSoulfinders/

    2. I am!
      But I recently (like yesterday) discovered the Storyscape appwhich makes a story much more interactive! Please do check it out as it would make Yelena and Valek immortal (and they deserve that)!

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  5. Hi! Will your other books in the poison study series come out on chapters as well?


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