Greetings from Belgium!

The reason it's been quiet over here on my blog, I've been in Europe these last 9 days.  My husband has/had business in Switzerland and Belgium and at the last minute...well, not quite that short notice, more like a week...he invited me along.  I'm in Brussels right now and due home this Saturday.  I do love to travel, but I'm missing my kids - they're fun to travel with, but couldn't miss so much school.

It's been an interesting trip - we started in Zurich, Switzerland for a few days, then took a train to Luxembourg for the weekend.  My husband is on a quest to visit as many countries as he can and I'm happy to keep him company :)  A train ride through Europe sounds romantic doesn't it??  I was looking forward to the trip - however the realities of train travel is far from idyllic.  After being delayed 4 hours because of the strikes in France (they'er striking over the increase of their retirement age to 62), we finally get underway.

The scenery is beautiful - the trees are turning color and it's mostly farmland and quaint small towns - however we had a group of French boy scouts (ages 12-16) about 12 of them sit near us. They smelled of wet wool and had been camping out (i.e. they needed showers!) They were mostly well behaved and they kept other people away from the empty seats right next to us. At one point the younger boys made spitting noises until I gave them my best annoyed mother look - it translated rather well and they stopped. But that put the kibosh on my romantic notions!

Belgium this week has been overcast and a bit rainy, but I had a nice trip to Antwerp yesterday to meet up with Richard, the man who translated my Study books into Dutch.  He wanted to be percise with the translation, that he frequently emailed me.  I've no doubt the books have been translated well and I finally have copies!  The only other translator to contact me was my Italian lady.

I'll have to post pictures when I get home, but I haven't been idle over here. I've been writing and I wrote another blog for Black Gate Magazine about POISON STUDY.  It's the second post down.  Here's the link if you'd like to read it: 

And I didn't forget about celebrating POISON STUDY's fifth birthday - I just need a few days at home!


  1. How fun! Would that be a chocolate type work thing? I hear Belgian chocolate is divine! What a fun adventure. Hope you're having a great time, smelly scouts aside. :)

  2. I was given the glass books as a christmas present and i could not put them down! i cant tell you how amazing they are! Within ten minutes of finishing spy glass i had ordered the 'yelena' series via the internet. Including awaiting the delivery of these books i read all six in ten days, whilst having a 9 month old baby i did not get much sleep as you can imagine. I was just wondering if you were considering possibly writing more to the story. I personally would love to read Valeks story from his start to when Yelena finally defeated the fire warper! And i could imagine Zitora's story could be quite good. Im sure you are continuing to write other books and i may be wishful thinking about the possibility of the other stories but i am not ready to leave that particular fantasy world yet. I am currently re-reading the opal cowen books. I have never got so involved in a book until i read your amazing stories. If you have decided you have completed the story could you please recommend any other books you have written that are as amazing as those i have read.

  3. Hi Maria, I have just read all of the Glass series on Kindle and was hoping to read the Sudy series, but poison Sudy is not available on the kindle, could you use your influence with MIRA the piblishers to allow Amazon to release Poison study on the kindle. I look forward to reading more of your books they are realy interesting and give a new slant of female heroines.
    regards BArrie

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