Touch of Power ARC Giveaway

Now that I have your attention :)  I'm doing a special OUTSIDE IN promotion and dangling an ARC of TOUCH OF POWER as the prize. 

As many of you know, I have contests on my website for all my books.  If you answer 20 questions about the book correctly, I'll send you a signed book label for your book and you're entered into a quarterly drawing to win a copy of the book.  However, poor OUTSIDE IN only has 3 entries since March and I'm determined to change that!

So, here's the deal - email me ( the answers to the 20 questions below (please put: special OI promo in the subject line), and include your mailing address by OCTOBER 22, 2011 and you will be entered to win an ARC of TOUCH OF POWER with the UK cover!  You'll also get a book label and some cool bookmarks :)  This is open to everyone and no shipping costs either.


•1 – What is the name of Trella's new cleaning troll?

•2 – Who is Bubba Boom?

•3 – What are the names of the Outsiders?

•4 – What does Logan give Trella?

•5 – How does the Committee keep track of Trella?

•6 – What does ISF stand for?

•7 – Who is in charge of Maintenance?

•8 – Whose appendix bursts?

•9 – What is Logan's newest gadget?

•10 – What is the nickname for ISF?

•11 – What does Trella find at the top of the Expanse?

•12 – What do the Outsiders want?

•13 – What was the Big Shake?

•14 – Who saves Trella from the fire?

•15 – Who is Jacy conspiring with?

•16 – How many Bubble Monsters are there?

•17 – What is the current population of Insiders?

•18 – The explosion damaged the power plant and what other critical system?

•19 – Near the end, how does Trella and her friends get to the Outsiders?

•20 – Is Doctor Lamont really Trella's birth mother?

Good Luck!

Here's a link to more contests:


  1. I better hurry and finish reading Inside Out so I can read Outside In! (In all honestly, this shouldn't be a problem. I can't put the book down and have been up so late the last few nights! I'm hooked!!)

  2. This is ace!! Is it open internationally? I live in the UK :)

  3. Yes - It's open internationally and I'll cover all the shipping costs :)

    Rachel - that's why I'm giving everyone a month so they can read the book. I'm glad you're hooked - I hope you like Outside In as well.

  4. Oh man I read this so long ago, let's see if I can remember all the answers! Good luck to everyone!

  5. I just finished reading Inside out, and it took me less than a day. I was amazing!!!! I am starting the next one now. Thanks for writing such amazing stuff!

  6. Which cover is that in the picture? Is that the U.K one? As an aussie I have to get this from amazon or wait a year :P So I'm basing which to get by which has a better cover (yeah, shallow.. But still!!)

  7. What if you're one of the 3 people who has already sent in answers? Outside In was sooooooo good!!!!! And I wish the mail wasn't so slow!

  8. I only stopped answering questions on all the books because I already own them all and didnt want to steal copies from other people who may not have read them yet. But I LOVE the foreign covers! So sad I to always get stuck with the US covers. I like the UK and Aussie ones so much better. I have been fiending for touch of power too..was actually considering pre-ordering right before I decided to check up on the blog. Now i need to enter this contest to see if I can read it before december and get an awesome book cover. Time to start re-reading the book!

  9. So how many people have entered? :)

  10. Thousands have more like dozens......or rather....about a dozen :( On the bright side - the odds are great for those who have entered :)

    For the three who have entered prior to the contest - you'll be grandfathered in - that's only fair.

  11. Yeh the odds are better. I just saw the word thousand and I thought "Oh No!" before reading the rest lol :D

  12. I missed the deadline! Only started it yesterday, only got the book recently and was reading inside out! I'm hooked. Inside out had a great twist at the end, one that I really didn't see coming!

    I'm so excited for Touch Of Power! I'm glad one fan will win it early! Good luck to all the entrants! *Gets ready for Preorder!* :D Whoever wins will have to tell us how amazing it is <3

  13. oh my oh my! I'm SO excited for this book!! When will the results be posted?


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