Winners Announced!

My Celebrating post clocked in at 310 comments...WOW! Nothing I've done before has gotten so many comments - guess everyone's excited about TOUCH OF POWER ;> I had to use a new random generator website because my other one only went up to 100.

And now without further ado......the five winners are:

Chris M. from Ireland
Emily C. from Utah, US
Nikky B. from England
Sarah F. from Georgia, US
Shilo M. from Utah, US

Congrats to them all!!

To the 300 people who didn't win, don't worry - there is going to be a BLOG TOUR starting December 12 with close to a dozen chances to win AND I'm offering another contest today! Yep check my other blog entry for today.


  1. Two of the winners are from Utah. (No, I'm not one of them, unfortunately.) That just further proves that you need to come here on one of your tours!!!!! Pretty please?

  2. I am so jealous, but congratulations! And one from England... Please come here?! To Scarborough, a lovely little town... Really!


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