Answers and Winners for Chapter Notes Contest

Yes, the questions were tough and there were 31 of them. But my hard core readers were undaunted.  They pressed on and hunted down the answers one by one.  It was a test of their endurance and Internet search skills and they risked paper cuts by flipping through their piles of books for those elusive answers.  You can read the answers below.

Eleven readers earned the right to call themselves expert minions and will soon have a T-shirt to wear with pride.

Thanks to ALL who entered - I wish I had enough money to send you all a T-shirt.

Here are the WINNERS and how many questions they answered right:

Kerry Lee Holder - 31
Melissa Furber - 29
Jennifer Olsen - 28
Madison Braga - 27
Jess Furber - 26
Anastasia Jalowiec - 26
Celeste - 26
Gabriella Mullens - 26
Catherine Wen - 25
Sarah Ringer Alverson - 25
Rikke Borgaard - 25

(since there were 3 people who had 25 right, I decided they all earned a shirt, which is why there are 11 winners instead of 10 like I planned :) ).

Questions Answered!

1. What profession would Valek take up in a perfect world?  A SCULPTOR
2. How many languages has Poison Study been translated into?  17
3. In the Glass books, what was Opal gifted with for completing “Spy training”? A SPY GLASS
4. What is the nickname Valek gives to Ari and Janco? THE POWER TWINS
5. In the Glass series, who are Teegan and Reema? OPAL and DEVLEN'S ADOPTED CHILDREN
6. How many awards has Poison Study won?  3
7. In Storm Watcher, what does Luke name his Papillion? LIGHTNING
8. In the Study Series, who does Marrok work for? CAHIL
9. In Inside Out, who has Dada Sheepy? BLAKE
10. How did Valek warn his intended assassination victims? WITH A STATUE HE CARVED
11. Approximately how many copies of Poison Study have been sold worldwide?   337,500
12. In Taste of Darkness, who is Noak’s “Little Brother”? DANNY
13. In Inside Out, what is Trella’s full name?  TRELLA GARRARD SANCHIA
14. Who gave Yelena her switchblade?  JANCO
15. In the Study Series, who is Petal?  BAVOL'S HOUSEKEEPER
16. How many lives has Poison Study saved?  1
17. In the Glass Series, who gave Opal her switchblade?  DEVLEN
18. In Touch of Power, how does Avry describe Kerrick’s scent?  LIVING GREEN / MOIST EARTH / SPRING SUNSHINE
19. In my short story, Sword Point, what do the students use to kill the vampires? WOODEN SWORDS
20. In my short story, Mongrel, what is the name of the “dog” she rescues? LOGAN (also accepted Sugar) 
21. Where did Ambrose grow up?  MD-3
22. In the Glass Series, what did Devlen give to Opal as a wedding present? A VIAL OF HER BLOOD
23. In Taste of Darkness, what is the motto Avry and her friends use in place of “Thank the
Creator!”?  THANK THE FLEA
24. In Inside Out, what are Logan and Anne-Jade called?  TECH-NOs
25. How many editions of Poison Study have been published in total?   42
26. What are Janco and Ari’s hourse names?  STRONG MAN AND RABBIT MAN (also accepted Rabbit)
27. In Storm Watcher, what is the name of Megan’s favorite dog?  LANCE
28. In Touch of Power, where did Kerrick finally admit he cared for Avry?  IN THE GARDEN (also accepted in a cave)
29. What is Janco allergic to?  MAGIC
30. What is the name of the assassin school Valek attended?  THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT AND SHADOWS
31. In my short story, Halloween Men, which day are the citizens allowed to take off their masks in public?  ON HALLOWEEN


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