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Yesterday I had a photo shoot.  Yes, me - I'm going to be on the cover of the March 2011 Business Woman magazine (a local Pennsylvania magazine).  A local hair stylist did my hair and makeup.  It took her an hour and a half - the photo shoot lasted half and hour.  LOL - it took more time to make me look decent than to take the pictures!  And it took way more time the night before picking out an outfit.  I don't own any business suits and I try to find fun clothes that have an artistic flair.  I actually ironed for this shoot - something I never do - the cat was fascinated by the squeaky ironing board.

Below is a picture my daughter took last night - my family thought I cleaned up nice ;)  Since I was out and dressed, I went to the mall to buy my last x-mas present.  YAY.  I was in Sears and a very nice man asked me if I was Maria V. Snyder the writer?  He recognized me!  First time I've been recognized in public that wasn't in my home town AND I looked good (unlike being recognized in the grocery store wearing my sweat pants and glasses).  He even gushed - such a nice early x-mas present for me :)

Speaking of cover models...  MIRA INK, the new teen line in the UK has released the cover art for OUTSIDE IN.  Another snazzy cover from my publisher in the UK - just be warned - if you find it posted on other blogs - DON'T read the story synopsis unless you've read INSIDE OUT - otherwise it will spoil the twist in INSIDE OUT.  Both books are coming out in the UK in 2011 - INSIDE OUT on January 1, 2011 and OUTSIDE IN on March 18th, 2011.

What do you think of the cover?  A blogger named Love Fantasy Novels has put up both the USA and UK covers and asked people to vote for their favorite.  If you like to express your opinion and vote go here:


And I also have the Australian cover for INSIDE OUT.  It will be released in Australia in April 2011, with OUTSIDE IN coming out in July 2011.

I really like this one - what do you think??


  1. ooo i think i prefer the Aussie one the best. very nice.

  2. Ooh, I didn't Oz was getting our own cover - thanks for sharing :-) My favourite INSIDE OUT cover is the UK one.

  3. This is awesome, it i wasn't impatient and hadn't already bought and read it on amazon yonks ago, i would have zoomed out and bought this, well when it is released :) :) pretty darn awesome !!

  4. Oh! My birthday is near then.
    I can't have enough your books. I like twist in stories. *-*

  5. I like the Inside In one alot. Not so much the Outside In

  6. Aagh tough call on the covers. They are gorgeous. I think I'm leaning towards the Aussie one though.

    Hey, quick question for you. What is the official release date for Outside In? I've got one from the publisher and on Goodreads and another listed on Amazon. I just want to make sure I have get my review out at the right time.

    You can either message me on Goodreads or leave a comment here (in case anyone else happens to be and I'll check back.


    Rebekah @ AureliaLit

  7. Thanks for all the comments! I'm leaning toward the Australian one as well - something about it...

    Rebekah - the official release is March 2011 which means they ship the books so they arrive around the last Tuesday of February - although some stores get it early and put it out as soon as they can. So it's a bit of a guessing game, but if you post the review the week of Feb. 21st, you should be fine.

  8. I love the aus cover and can't wait for it to be released here. But knowing our book stores it's faster and easier to just get it shipped from amazon with Outside In. (Though I'll probably hold out just for the nice aus cover).
    Speaking of covers, I have the really old cover of poison study/magic study, they're the original USA hardcover covers and I was wondering, was there ever a fire study cover released like this? I have the normal Glass series covers and I think they match these ones so to me it seems like I only have 5/6 matching covers. :(

  9. I love the covers for all of your books, your publishers do a great job. Can't wait to see the pics of you, post them as soon as you can:)

  10. Happy New Year Maria from France !

  11. You are my favorite writer by far. I love all your books and have read all of them so far. I already have Outside In pre-ordered! Lol. I can't wait till it comes out.

  12. You very lucky summers really in the USA, bus in France we do not have the Glass series yet

  13. I think the Aussie covers for all of your books have been the best by far! Me biest? No way, lol.

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