Last minute blogging

It's sort of like last minute shopping - where you rush around and can't find exactly what you were hoping to find.  If only you had planned ahead, or had more time, or could clone yourself...

I keep wanting to post blogs, but I want them to be wonderful, informative, and interesting.  I have pictures from the rest of my European trip, but they require me to re-size them and crop and... So what happens?  I delay and delay posting because the post in my mind has grown into this huge time commitment which would be wonderful, informative, etc... except it ends up being a quick post with links.  

So I'm making my New Year's resolution early - I will blog once a week in 2011 even if it's short and includes links.

A last minute notice about a book signing next week!  On December 17th, I'm going to be at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center: at 51 North 39th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104. 215-662-8000. The hospital is hosting a craft/book fair in their Wright/Saunders building on the first floor corridor outside of the cafeteria. I will be selling and signing all my books from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This event is FREE and OPEN to the public. Feel free to bring your own books (as many as you want) for me to sign! Here's a Campus Map:

Penn Presbyterian is where my father works! So come meet my Dad :)

So here's what I've been doing these last two weeks:
  • I updated my Appearance Page - I have trips to Ohio and Texas planned for March and April!!  I also added a last minute event - for more info go here:
  • Doing interviews for various blogs and providing prizes for various contests.  Here are some links:
  • I attended my first Photoshop computer class - an all day affair, but filled with oodles of info.  It's an amazing program that is another procrastination generator as I play with my new knowledge.
  • I'm hard at work on the new Healer fantasy novel - no title yet, but we're getting close.  The title has to be approved by my editor, her boss, the marketing and PR department - lots of people so many early titles have been knocked out of the running.
  • I did an interview on Weather World at Penn State University's main campus in State College, PA.  The interview will be shown on December 21st over the local TV stations, but if you don't live in PA, don't fret, the interview will be posted online the next day!  I'll post a link next week.  The meteorology department updated the weather station and it looks sleek - with computer monitors instead of the old maps that used to print out of these giant printers.  They'd be damp and the purple ink reeked.  I probably lost a few brain cells sniffing those maps.  Here's a link if you want to see today's show:
  • I'm working on a short story set on the Penn State Campus :)  About a meteorology student who has a run in with a furry co-ed.  Let's just say my recent trip to my Alma mater inspired the setting for the story and keep it at that.
 That's it for this blog.  Let's hope I keep my New Year's promise!


  1. Don't worry, I love the links! Although I am still waiting for my next email with Ice Study! ;)

  2. Don't fret Maria. I have found that the best posts are the ones that from those bursts of inspiration. Sometimes a simple photo and a caption is even good.


  3. Can you please continue with the next issue of magic study...I so don't want it to end...finished 656 pages in 3 days and I work! :)

    Please would love to read more on Yelena and Valek's adventures!


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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