Readers have been emailing me that Amazon.com has shipped the books, but the book stores don't have their copies yet.  Amazon posted a February 15th release date, but my publisher considers it a March release, which means the last Tuesday of February.  Odd.  I'd suggest if you're planning on going out to purchase the book to call your local store and make sure they have a copy.

I'm pretty excited to see this one in print.  So far, the reviews have been great and I've done a number of interviews with give aways.  I'll post the links below.  One has a cupcake sculpture and Captain Jack Sparrow as the interviewer (amazing and fun!).

OUTSIDE IN will be released in the UK on March 18th and not in Australia until July 2011.  A note for my Australian readers - I have a new page on my website that has news and releases for my Australian edition.  Plus any big news that I might post, like a future tour, when I can ;>  Here's a link to the special page:  http://www.mariavsnyder.com/AUS.php    Yes, I know I have to update my UK page - so much to do so little time....

Captain Jack and me: http://cjredwine.blogspot.com/2011/02/interview-with-maria-snyder.html
This interview is in Danish, but I thought it would be fun: http://breakingfree.dk/annenikoline/?p=9149



  1. I cannot wait to read this! Anything you have come out with has been a favorite and I expect this will be no less.

  2. Hmmmm, should I wait until the book is released in Australia, or get it on Amazon? Amazon it is, hahaha. I know, I know the money wont be going back into Australia. But who could wait that long? I know I cant!
    Thank you Maria for sending the books to Ronald Mc House for me. I told the manager and she was exited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  3. I ordered my copy from Barnes and Noble and it shipped yesterday! I am not so patiently waiting for it to get here. Ü

  4. I live in England and couldn't possible wait the extra month so I've ordered an American copy from Book depository, which I'm 'patiently' waiting for by rereading the first, can't wait to get it : )

  5. That's what I thought! Then all of the sudden it's in my Amazon cart and ready to ship. Very strange. But I'm a happy girl! :D

  6. I LOVED this book!! :D I preordered it a couple weeks ago from Books A Million and it arrived just the other day. So I've been enjoying my time with Trella, Riley and Sheepy of course. :)

    Are there going to be anymore Inside books? *please please say yes!!*

  7. The strange thing about Amazon, is the Kindle edition is not releasing until I think the 15th of March.

  8. OMG, just finished reading Indide Out. Just brilliant! I maybe a little old for this book maybe? But I loved it and can't wait to read Outside In. I don't know how you think of these idea's for books, but keep them comming!

  9. I'm so excited! I'm trying to wait until the Kindle edition is released, because it is just easier, but may break down and get the physical book soon.

    I absolutely loved Inside Out, and can't wait to read more about Trella (also- I love her name! Sometimes a name can make or break a character.)


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