Going Down!

That's down south to Texas, y'all ;>  I'm leaving at OMG-early tomorrow morning and will be there until late Friday night...my birthday :)  Yeah, I was born on Tax day here in the USA - well, I think this year it's the 18th to give everyone the weekend to panic....I mean...prepare their tax forms.

I wanted to post this last week, but a nasty head cold/sinus infection took me out for four days!  Here's my schedule for those who live in the great state of Texas!

April 12, 2011 Reading, Reception, Q&A, and Book Signing at El Paso Community College, Valle Verde branch in the Cafeteria Annex (919 Hunter Drive, El Paso, Texas, 79915) 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

April 14, 2011 Book Signing at Barnes & Noble (La Frontera Village, 2701 Parker Road Bldg A Suite 700, Round Rock, Texas, 78681, 512-600-0088) 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

And it's 116 days until I arrive in Australia!!!  Further south than Texas and also a heck of a lot bigger :)April is also the release of the Australian INSIDE OUT.  So to celebrate I'm giving away a set of Australian Study books,  a set of Australian Glass books, and two copies of the Australian INSIDE OUT (if I can get them - if not, then the plain old USA ones).  OF course all will be signed, personalized and doodled in....well, maybe not doodled....depends on my mood and how full the moon is :)  So FOUR chances to win!

Details - One point for posting a comment here by midnight EDT April 18th, one point for including your email address in the comment, ten points for posting a good review of INSIDE OUT online (could be anywhere, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, your blog.  Each post = 10 points!), one point for liking the Harlequin TEEN facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/harlequinTEEN), one point for becoming a fan of the Harlequin Teen page, and one point for adding up all your points :)  I'll pick four winners at random, BUT the person with the highest points of the four gets his/her choice Study or Glass books, next highest gets the other set. 


  1. Just started reading your books and have finished the glass series and Inside Out and Outside In - loved them! Tammye Green

  2. I can't WAIT for your trip to Australia! My email address is rhi.hart AT gmail.com

    I have reviews of both Inside Out AND Outside In. Twenty-two points? Twelve points? :)



    Oh look and Poison Study too! Thirty two points? Now I'm just being cheeky!

  3. I can't wait for your visit to Australia!

    3 points - one for commenting, one for email address, and one for adding it up.

  4. I too cannot wait for your visit to Australia! AHHHHH! I’d be sure to see Rhiannon and Skye at one of your signings too knowing we’re all from Melbourne.

    So: 1 point for commenting.
    1 point basciak(at)gmail(dot)com
    10 points Inside Out Review on blog: http://yaconcoction.blogspot.com/2011/01/review-inside-out-by-maria-v-snyder.html
    10 points for review on Goodreads (?):
    1 point for liking Harlequin TEEN page.
    1 point for adding up posts.

    = 24 points
    = 14 points with only the blog post

    You can find Poison/Magic/Fire Study reviews and Outside In reviews on goodreads and blog if you want to include those in as well :p *evil laugh*

    P.S. You can’t “fan” on Facebook anymore.

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  6. I love the Australian covers for each series! They are beautiful!
    Kira - mrsboswellsbooks@gmail.com

    Blog Review IO
    Goodreads Review IO
    Amazon Review IO

    Like and am a fan of Harlequin Teen FB page as Kira Boswell

    Total = 35 ( or 65 if you'd like to add points for reviews of Outside In :D )

    Blog Review OI
    Goodreads Review OI
    Amazon Review OI

  7. Do you think you could be prevailed upon to visit Oregon when you are done with Australia? :)

    I just posted my review of Inside Out on my blog, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble and in the comments section for Powell's.





    My e-mail: liedermadchen(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Does the Powell's comment count? If it does, that is 43 points, if it doesn't, 33.

  8. As like everyone else i too cant wait until your in australia




    im already of harlequin

    so that 24points

  9. 1 point post comment- I would love to hear of a full series off your short story "Sword Point". I love your books.

    1 point email- sillymomma2005@yahoo.com

    1 point for liking teen harlequin

    10 points for review at amazon- http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A19D5VJ06G7BN5/ref=cm_cr_thx_pdp

    10 points for review at facebook- http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&note_id=201935509829983

    i point for adding total
    total- 23 points

    don't know if posting the review here counts but if it does here it is for a possible 33 points?

    Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder had always caught my glimpse in the book isles.
    I did not immediately buy it. When there are so many books out there your list gets pretty long; adding a new series to the mix can be something you avoid. Instead I read an excerpt from her site www.mariavsnyder.com.
    I was shocked! Amazon continually showed me this book. The cover always caught my eye in the stores. Why had I not already bought this?
    Her writing skills are amazing. Clear, concise, easy to follow, and packed with informative bits.
    Starting immediately it pulls you in. This story does not become tedious like many others in the genre do. Right away your questions begin and regardless of what you should be doing you continue to read on for the answers.
    It does remind me of a couple other movies and books, but the story is uniquely captured and portrayed to make it one hundred percent original.
    The character world is appealing along with the relationship’s of the characters. The descriptive writing places you in a new world on an epic journey.

  10. I have not read Inside Out or the Glass series. But they are both series that I am really excited to read.

    I would definitely have posted a review of Inside Out if I had read it (and will do it when I read it).

    +1 comment
    +1 liking Harlequin teen on facebook
    +1 email address
    +1 adding up all my points

    total = 4 points
    jlkalman26 at gmail dot com

  11. I went a little overboard with the reviews, but I really want to win. :D I love your books! My name is Nicole Dunlap, if you want to check the validity of my reviews, I posted them under nicole, or nicole dunlap. my email is auxier0492@aol.com

    www.fantasticbookreview.com – 10 points
    http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000355997843 – 10 points
    http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7059135-inside-out - 10 points
    http://harlequinblog.com/2010/03/maria-v-snyders-inside-out-book-trailer-launch/comment-page-1/#comment-8406 -10 points
    http://thelostentwife.net/2011/03/13/inside-out-by-maria-v-snyder/ - 10 points
    http://blogcritics.org/books/article/book-review-inside-out-by-maria/#comments -10 points
    https://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/eBookDetails.asp?BookID=272990#review -10 points
    http://www.yareads.com/inside-out-%e2%80%93-maria-v-snyder/book-reviews/2479#comment-66174 -10 points
    http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5964356/book_review_inside_out_by_maria_v_snyder.html?post=comments#comments -10 points
    http://solittletimeforbooks.blogspot.com/2011/01/inside-out-maria-v-snyder.html?showComment=1302543412729#c5547865469095363033 - 10 points
    http://www.thebookcellarx.com/2010/04/inside-out-by-maria-v-snyder.html?showComment=1302543505817#c5896486594629121828 -10 points
    1 point – email address
    1 point- leaving a comment
    1 point adding up all my points :D
    My total points= 113 points

  12. OOOhhh My total number of points is 114. I forgot to add the one point for liking Harlequin Teen on facebook.

  13. What a great contest! I guess I get 2 points, one for commenting and one for counting. :)

  14. Hope you have fun down under Maria! Can't wait to see the pictures! I love these Australian covers too! They are just so beautiful!

    Blog Review

    Goodreads Review


    Total Points: 23

  15. I was really hoping to get out to the Round Rock, TX signing, but sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen. :( I’m all bummed about this. I’d have really loved to come see you!! Anyway, thanks for the awesome contest!! I hope you have a great time visiting in Texas!!

    My email: aldiss87@gmail.com

    Shelfari review
    Goodreads review
    Barnes & Noble review
    Books A Million review
    Amazon review
    Walmart review
    The Walmart review should show up in a few days (I submitted it yesterday). For some reason it takes forever for them to update. -_-

    +1 comment
    +1 for email address
    +60 for reviews
    +1 liking Harlequin Teen on facebook
    +1 adding up all my points
    Total = 64 points

  16. I Heart your books this covers are all very amazing please enter me please
    +4 for posting comment,emailaddress liking Harleequin ,adding

    I havent read Inside out yet but If I can read it I'll review and come back to post about it here

    Denisemadness at yahoo dot com

  17. Yay! You're coming down to Texas and I can't wait to see you in Round Rock! Poison Study really did it for me and I can't help pressing it into others' hands to read! ^_^

    I still need to get Inside Out, too, so many good books! Hope you're having a fantastic time in Texas so far!


  18. Good luck with your trips! I am hoping to be able to meet you again, but nothing lines up like it did last year! I love the Aussie Study covers!

    So here goes:

    Commenting 1pt

    Email: hpthatbme@gmail.com 1pt

    Blog:http://hpreviewsbooks.blogspot.com/2011/01/inside-out-by-maria-v-synder.html 10pt

    Facebook: reposted to share 10 pts

    Goodreads: Updated my review 10 pts

    Twitter: post from goodreads review 10 pts

    Harliquin Teen Facebook: liked 1 pt

    Adding up pts= 1pt

    Total pts=44 pts

  19. Charlie Kliesch

    Facebook=10 http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000682276952

    Goodreads=10 http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4127849-chazz

    shurtugal=10 http://shurtugal.com/2011/04/03/official-back-of-the-book-description-released-for-inheritance/

    CHERUB=10 http://www.cherubmembers.com/news/membersnews38/

    The cherub website does not show it so here it is.

    heyyyy this is for a different comp for a different book but you guys should look this author up she is amazing.

    I havent read this book yet coz it hasent come out in Australia yet but all of Maria v. snyder's books are amazing so surely this one is to.

    facebook harlequin teen photo of inside out=10 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150104132763051&set=pt.92933398050&theater

    Angus and robertson=10 http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/book/outside-in/13020053/

    i haven't read inside out yet because i live in Australia but i bet it is fantastic.

    1 point for my email.
    1point for liking harlequin teen FB page.
    1 point for posting a comment here.
    60 points for the reviews.
    and 1 point for adding it up that makes 64 points.

  20. Commenting +1
    Email: sophiathewriter at gmail +1
    Goodreads review: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/137845116 +10
    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/review/R21HAW6Y8Y1745/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=037321006X&nodeID=&tag=&linkCode= +10
    Facebook like: +1
    Tallying: +1

    TOTAL: 24 points

  21. Can I add to my earlier comment? Since then I have posted my review on:


    Borders, it will show up in a few days.

    Alibri, http://www.alibris.com/community/review/10954307/A%20must%20read%20for%20Sci-Fi%20lovers

    Twitter, tweet from Borders

    Target.com, review will show up in a few days.

    TeenInk.com, review will show up in a few days.

    http://www.sffworld.com/ review will show up after reviewed by the staff.

    biblio.com, review will show up in a few days.

    booksonboard.com, review will show up in a few days.


    That is 100 points, which, added to my above 43 (or 33 if you do not count the Powell's comment) makes 143 points. (or 133)

    This is fun! I have found some cool websites doing this. :)

  22. Awesome contest!

    E-mail: claudiwt@charter.net
    I also liked the Harlequin Teen fan page.
    So, four points for commenting, including e-mail, liking the fb page, and adding up the points.

  23. Thanks so much for this contest! I would love to have this prize pack! :-)

    Comment - 1 point
    amydelrosso at gmail dot com - 1 point
    liking the Harlequin TEEN FB page - 1 point (Amy Del Rosso)
    Adding the total - 1 point

    Total = 4 points
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    Amy Del Rosso

  24. I have read all your books multiple times and absolutly love them! I think the Australia covers are beautiful.
    I asked you a question when you on the Bitten by Books site and I don't think you ever answered. If you could have a cookie jar sized container full of anything in the world, except money, any form of money, anything you plan to sell to get money, or wishes, what would it be and why?
    1 for commenting
    1 for e-mail adress (bullocks@att.net)
    1 for liking the Harlequin TEEN facebook page
    1 for adding up my points
    1 for commenting
    10 for doing an review on Amazon
    Total=15 points

  25. I love your books! Thanks for the contest! I reviewed on my facebook account


    1 for commenting
    1 for e-mail address - justineluvsanimals@hotmail.com
    1 for liking the Harlequin Teen facebook page
    10 for reviewing on facebook
    1 for adding up the points
    = 14 points

    thanks a lot and I will keep recommending your books. Maybe sometime you can come see us in Canada? Have fun in Austrailia!!!

  26. I love your books! You are one of my favorite authors and those Austrailian covers look so cool. +1

    spicedice45@gmail.com +1
    +3 total

  27. Lovvvinnnggg those book covers!

  28. Should have 5 points...
    email address: sprints42@gmail.com
    I'm also a fan/liker of the Harlequin TEEN page.
    I was wondering, does it count if I was in a book club that read POison Study after I'd already read it once and owned it?
    LOL, just thought I'd throw that out there.

  29. +1 For my email= ella_press@live.com.ar
    +1 For liking HarlequinTeen on FB
    +1 For adding my points=

    3 points total.
    I don't even know if I'm eligible to win, since I'm from Argentina, but I'm entering anyway.

    Ella :)


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