A Weekend in Dayton

Books & Co in Beavercreek, Ohio
I'm home after spending a very fun weekend in Dayton, Ohio.  The weekend started off on a crazy note. I had an email in the morning saying my flight was delayed from 2:10 pm to 3:04 pm so I arrive at the airport around 1:45 pm and there's no one at the baggage desk and ALL the monitors say the flight is on time at 2:10 pm!  So I race through security (small airport - otherwise I would have been stuck). I was going to check a bag but no time and then I run through the airport only to see the flight is really delayed...grrrr.... except then they boarded us soon after I arrived and we left around 2:30 pm - so I'm not trusting Continental emails anymore!

L to R: Mara Purnhagen, Lisa Roecker, Julia Karr (standing),
Sara Bennett Wealer (standing), Julie Kagawa, and Me.

Good thing that was the only snafu :)  On Friday night, Books & Co. hosted six YA authors.  They have a lovely store - two story with iron railings and big open spaces.  They had chairs set up and I was told I was going to introduce everyone....hmmm.....guess I shouldn't have gone to the ladies room and left the others to decide ;>  After we all talked about our books, we opened the floor to Q&A and had lots of questions.  Then we signed books.  The event was well attended and I met a bunch of readers who lived nearby and beyond!  Jessica, a loyal reader since the original hardcover of Poison Study hit the shelves, drove over 6 hours one way with her mother to see me!  She's so sweet, and we went out and had a drink after the signing.  She looks young, but she's legal (her mom was with us! ;) 

Jessica & Me

On day two, only the three Harlequin Teen authors had a signing at the New and Olde Pages Book Shoppe.  This book store was tucked in the middle of a little strip mall - it was narrow and filled with books from floor to ceiling.  At first, I was like, there's no room for us to sit, but then we made a right turn all the way at the back of the store and walked through more shelves before entering the secret room!  This was a nice big space, they had a table for each of us, cookies and punch.  And waiting for us was Rosio, who had flown in from Florida and who had arrived at 10:00 am that morning for a 1:00 pm signing! (the store owner adopted her for the day, feeding her cookies :)  Rosio lives in Chicago, but was returning from vacation.  Her friends from Chicago drove down (about 5 hours, I think) to meet up with her and take her home (another mother doing the driving!).  They were a fun group and when they left, it was so quiet!!

L to R: Julie Kagawa, Mara Purnhagen
and Me sitting :)
 I'm always amazed when my readers go out of their way or drive long distances for a signing.  I have the best readers in the world!  The weekend was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting everyone!  I wish I could go everywhere, but time and money are always an issue.  My publisher pays for some events, but not all. 

Next stop for me is TEXAS next week!  I'll be in El Paso on Tuesday, April 12th for an event at the El Paso Community College from 6 to 8 p.m., and I'll be at the Barnes & Noble in Round Rock, Texas (near Austin) on Thursday, April 14th from 7 to 9 pm (details can be found here: http://www.mariavsnyder.com/appearances.php)


  1. Having reader come is an amazing feeling. I love how you are like she's legal then you say that her mom was with ya'll too like even if she wasn't since mom was there it made it ok. LOL Glad you only had one little snag


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