Caught up with my emails!

Hooray!!  Early this morning I responded to all my emails  (except the ones regarding the contests - my sister-in-law is doing them for me - she's super organized - but I still sign the books and labels).  Of course a bunch of replies rolled in while I was sleeping, so I'm not longer "caught up" but I was for a few hours at least :)  One reason is I'm not getting as many emails as before (not complaining!), and I think it's becasue of Facebook - I get many comments on my author page and regular page, and they're quick to answer.  Plus I don't have a new release out, which always generates lots of emails (again - not complaining!).

Am I the only author who responds to their emails?  Just curious.  I think it's very important and do dedicate much time to it - which is why I'm so bad about blogging.

In the process of cleaning out my inbox, I encountered a few gems.  I have an author interview with Jon Sprunk to post with a contest/giveaway. I will do that this week -so stay tuned.  And, of course links to two interviews.  I'll post them below.

I also cleaned out my office - it was a mess.  And I need to start writing book 2 of the healer series, SCENT OF MAGIC and, for some reason (uh...procrastination?) I need to have a clean desk and office floor (the piles of books are put away!).  So now I'm all set to start :)   Oh and in the process of cleaning out, I have put together a pile of books to give away to my blog readers - so stay tuned for a couple contests :)

This Interview will be posted July 13th: 


  1. You're the only writer I know that awsers her mail as personal as you do. And I love that you comment on Goodreads and awsers things there too! You're really nice and that makes me love your books even more!

  2. Well I've never emailed you but your always quick to reply to my facebook messages and I love that you comment on my page, only a few authors do that. It's great having my favourite authors so accesible so I can stalk them lol

    Also my eyes are peeled for contests!

  3. I just picked up on the fact that you are writing the 2nd book of the Healer series. Is the first one out yet? If so, what is the title? I usually follow you pretty closely, but, with knee surgery, I might have missed a book out. Tell all, please ~_^ .


  4. You are my favourite author and when I emailed you, you answered my questions and also sent me a few links and I thought that was really nice! :)
    When is the first book of your Healer series out? I can't wait to read it! :) Good luck with writing your second Healer book :)

  5. I am seriously excited about your Healer series. I also enjoy a good high fantasy novel, but with all the vampires and werewolves it has been hard to find anything other than urban fantasy.

  6. Thanks for the comments - I do understand why some authors don't have the time to respond to each email/comment personally - but I enjoy it too much :) so I make the time.

    As for TOUCH OF POWER - that's the first healer book - it's coming out early January 2012 in the US - and close to that time for the UK. I'm not sure about the Australian edition. If you want to read the cover blurb/copy - I posted it back in Feburary under the blog title "Novel Number Nine" :)

    @Tine - I hope you're knee heals quickly - I'd send Avry, the healer from TOUCH OF POWER to you, but I need her to help me figure out the next book!

  7. Hi~! I'm a new follower :) I hopped over from your Goodreads page, after adding your books to my TBR pile (I've seen some really great reviews of the Insider series recently and how could I say no to a great book!?)
    So, yeah, just wanted to say Hello~ and you got yourself a new stalker :)
    I'm looking forward to reading your books! And thank you for being such a sweet person and replying to all the emails - I'm only a book blogger but I can relate to being swamped with emails and I know how much dedication it takes to reply to all of them. And that officially makes you AWESOME! :)

    Evie from Bookish

  8. kristina shieldsJuly 17, 2011 at 4:19 PM

    Will the new series have any of the characters from the Study or Glass series?

  9. Hi Evie, Thanks for introducing yourself :)

    Kristina - the healer series is a whole new world - so no cross over - sorry! And congrats on winning - I just mailed you a book this weekend!

  10. thx so much! can't wait to read it! :)

  11. Hi, I'm a new fan (stalker :D) Just read Posion Study yesterday, and now I really, really, really want to read Magic Study!

    Anyways, I don't know of any author that responds to their emails the way you do! And expect 6 emails from me/people I know :)


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