Last minute packing!

Yes, I leave tomorrow and I'm running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done and pack as well.  It's hard packing for 3 weeks - warning to my readers in Australia and New Zealand I'm only bringing like 4 nice outfits, so I'll be wearing the same clothes in all the pictures!  And I'm counting on the hotels to provide laundry service - otherwise I might be a bit...aromatic ;>  But I refuse to drag a huge suitcase around with me.

I hope to post pics to my blog and Facebook while I'm on the road - no guarantees - it will depend on wi-fi accessibility and how energetic I am :)  I won't be able to access my website email - so if you want to contact me, just post a comment on my facebook page or here if you're one of the five people who don't have a facebook page ;>

For my Auckland readers - I might have a signing at the Dymocks in Auckland on Sunday evening 21 August - I'll post here if I get more details - and/or I'll post on my Facebook pages.

Last thing - Congrats to Jessica!!  She was the lucky winner of the copy of Heart of Iron


  1. I am very excited about your trip! I'm trying to organize a group of friends to come to one of your signings in Sydney. It should be quite an epic event, since we are traveling up from canberra. Not as long as your flight :) but still.... I look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne!! (No matter how lovely your perfume is :) Have a safe flight!

  3. Thanks again for the giveaway!!

  4. i'm sooooo excited about you coming, me and my friends are practically bouncing off the walls of our classroom!!!!!!! can't wait to see you in melbourne.
    p.s are you sure you don't have time to come down to phillip island????

  5. So freaking excited!! Can't wait to see you! :D Hope you have a nice flight! :)

  6. Omg those reader are soooo lucky. Well I hope you have loads of fun on your trip and if you ever are in the Indianapolis, IN area I will be there.

  7. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I just finished the study books and i can't wait to start Storm Glass. You're writing and imagination is amazing. .. Do you ever come to The USA for book signing?


  8. Sandy, Maria LIVES in the US. Pennsylvania, I'm rpetty sure.

  9. lol can't wait 4 you to come 2 SYDNEY!!!!!


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