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Today is the first in many blogs promoting my latest book, TOUCH OF POWER.  I'm thrilled that today's blogger is a friend of mine. 

Alethea emailed me three years ago saying how much she enjoyed my books.  Since she worked at Borders, she was able to recommend my books to her customers.  She hand sold 400 copies of my books in the three months prior to the holidays!  Because of her efforts -
when STORM GLASS was released, my publisher sent me out to California to attend her release party and sent me again last October.   We've became good friends over the last three years and I was so happy to chat with her yesterday about my new book.

To listen to our chat go to her blog:  Read Now Sleep Later - 


Here's a link to a blog where I did an interview:

And we're giving away a signed copy: 

And the Book Heroine did a Q&A and contest as well:


  1. Hey, i'm sorry, i'm sure someone already asked you about that, but... is it possible to poison study become a movie? It's just so good! and Valek? OMG. Sorry for the bad english, i'm from Brazil. And by the way, the series is very popular here.
    Thank you for writing it. :)

  2. I would love to see Poison Study as a movie - unfortunately no one in Hollywood is interested at this time. Keep reading my blog - IF it ever does get picked up and made into a movie - then I will be blogging about it in all capital letters :)

  3. Are there going to be any competitions that are international?

    And I also hope your books are make into movies. They would be amazing!

  4. Thanks for posting, Maria! If you come back out to Cali, I will be first in line!

  5. I so can't wait to read Touch of Power! But you know if I get it, it will be like two years before I remember to bring it to get signed. ;)

    And I want Poison Study to be made into a movie!!! Can I do the costuming?

  6. Misty - I'm checking with my publisher to see if the Official blog tour is including international addresses for the give aways.

    I know the UK is doing a tour in January. And I know there will be a couple Rebel Blogs that will not have shipping restrictions (but some will because it's the holidays and shipping overseas for me is expensive!


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