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News Flash!!  I'm finished with my holiday shopping!  Woo Hoo!!  Now all I need to do is wrap all these presents.  Anyone want to come over and help?  Anyone?  Anyone.....  Hello???

On tap for today is a post about my top 10 favorite fantasy series for the Official Blog Tour on My Bookish Ways and includes a giveaway.

Here's the link:

Another News Flash - the UK office has designed a website just for TOUCH OF POWER.  Now you can see that animated cover in all it's full-speed glory - yay!  Also there are extras you won't find anywhere else, and a contest to win a KINDLE!  The Kindle winner is limited to UK readers (I don't think it would work anywhere else), but there will be a UK blog tour with 18 blogs and I'm hoping they'll be open to international winners (It will depend on each blog).

Here's the link:

I've a Rebel Blog today as well - with interviews and TWO copies of TOP to giveaway - one to my international readers and one to my US/Canada readers!!

Here's the link:



  1. If you send me the plane ticket I'll wrap your presents and even do your Xmas dishes!!!! lol!

  2. Hey, I've got a quick question - does the Touch of Power book take place in the same world as the Glass and Study books? Or is it completely new and different like the Insider books?
    Thank you and Happy holidays :)

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