I Love My Job :)

Way back when I was an aspiring novelist, I dreamed of being published and of having a book on a shelf (yes, this was before eBooks and no, I'm not telling you how long ago ;).  And that was the dream -a  book on a shelf in a bookstore.  My daydreams did not include readers, reviewers or awards - yes, I knew they existed, but the goal was that physical book.

So when Publisher's Weekly gave Poison Study a Starred Review seven years ago, I was surprised they read the book and then disappointed because on Amazon one star is bad.  My editor quickly explained one Star was an excellent rating for PW and that, yes people ARE going to read my book and it won't just sit on that shelf and gather dust.  I still wasn't convinced until...

Readers started emailing me.  Yay!  I loved and still love getting reader emails - yes, even the ones "yelling" at me for various nasty plot twists ;>

Here are some great Reader quotes: 

Thank you so much for your writing, it pretty much makes my life :D Carly

My mother even threatened to take my book away if I didn't walk the dog- that is how addicting your books are!  Jez

When I first picked it up at my local bookstore I thought it sounded kind of neat, but not the most exciting thing ever. I am more than happy to say how wrong I was about that opinion. Inside Out blew me away and completely exceeded my expectations. Seth

...so surprised by how much I fell in love with this world and Yelena and obviously Valek. I just wanted to say thank you for writing such an amazing story that I just can't seem to get enough of and they've all given me a good book hangover ;-)  Amanda

A good book hangover - I like!  

Then my books were picked as finalists in various awards from the Romance Writers of America to the Baltimore Science Fiction Society - from libraries to schools.  So gratifying that not only did they enjoy my books, but they deemed them award worthy.

And amazingly some of my books WON!  Talk about exciting!  When I learned Poison Study won the Compton Crook Award, I screamed and ran around my house like a crazy lady.  Never thought I was the type to do THAT!

Prior to that award, I never won anything or more importantly, been recognized for doing good :)  I wasn't a stand out student or musician, actress or dancer.  I wasn't a stand out worker when I worked as an environmental meteorologist. 

I don't write books to win awards, to get reader emails, or for positive reviews - I write because it's fun and I've met a ton of great people and made new friends all over the world.  I write because...well...because I can do it well and because I love it!

top picture: Touch of Power and the Golden Leaf award for best Paranormal.
bottom picture: Outside In and the Prism Award for best Young Adult novel.


  1. What a great entry. I agree, I'm not the type to run through the house screaming either, but something about writing makes me giddy. Congrats on your awards!!!

  2. Congrats on your awards! You really deserve them. I love your writing and please, don't ever stop. =)

  3. Congrats on all the awards and I'm sure there are many more to come :) can't wait for scent of magic to come out!!!!! :)

  4. That is incredibly awesome Maria!! I have the same dreams of being a writer. Not to win any awards or make the best selling lists--although that would be incredible! As long as people are reading the books and loving them I would feel accomplished! Of course I have stories to tell as well and really hope to get them out there someday soon!

    Congrats again!!

  5. Love the PRISM - the shape, and the colours :-)

  6. Your books are completely worth of being award-winners. They are the best of the best. (And so are you.)

    I'd run around screaming too :-)

  7. Congrats it was really well deserved^^

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  9. You have definitely exceeded that original goal. Congratulations! I think I mentioned once that the Study Series were worthy of reading a second (and even third!) time through. I own them, share them, and will read again. By the way, I love this new blog page! It feels like I'm typing in a notebook. :D ~chocoholic

  10. Congratulations! You deserve all the praise for your books. They are amazing! I hope you have many many more years of success and awards to come!

  11. Thanks everyone - you're all super sweet!!

  12. Congratulations, Maria. You more than deserve those awards and praises. Your books have gotten me through some of the hardest times and your tenacity to get your books published have inspired me as a fellow aspiring novelist. Thank you for all your books, for the inspiration...and of course, thank you for creating Yelena & Valek.

    - Amy

  13. It amazes me how someone can create such a beautiful world with their imagination. Please don't stop!

    Let the beauty we love be what we do

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