Favorite Minor Characters

I did another giveaway for an early copy of SCENT OF MAGIC for those commenting on their favorite minor/obscure character from one of my books.  The response was wonderful and I thought I'd give away a book to one of my blog readers and to one of my Goodreads friends.

Congratulations to Rywn who won a copy and to Rachel on Goodreads who also won a copy!!  Keep checking my blog as I'm doing a 10 day blog tour starting December 10th and we're giving away 10 copies of SCENT OF MAGIC!!

The results for favorite minor/obscure character are in:
#1 Fisk - 14 (He first appeared in MAGIC STUDY)
#2 Kiki - 9
#3 Belen - 8
Rand - 7
Pazia - 5
Logan, Reema, Moon Man, Leif, Mom, Flea, Nutty - 3
Dax, Mara, Sheepy, Fire Warper, Death Lilys, Noelle, Dilana, Commander, Perl, Zitora - 2
Bain, Irys, Alethea, Maren, Tula, Esau, Quartz, Cog, Eve, Nic, Heli - 1

And just for fun - Can anyone tell me which book Beevan appears in?  He's a very obscure character :)


  1. I love Fisk. He was a lovely child and a so smart teenage. Kiki make me laugh xD

  2. Poison study

  3. Yes they are all good Minor Characters. I loved them all.
    He was in Poison Study, he was a tutor :)
    - Melissa Skinner

  4. Reading Chapter one of Scent of Magic, Its amazing, so excited for the rest of the book :), I am counting down the days till I can read it.
    -Melissa Skinner

  5. You're right - he was in POISON STUDY! I wrote that scene to show the Commander's personality a little better so you know he wasn't just one dimensional :)


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