Cleaning Out the Cobwebs - Part 3!

Ha! You didn't think I'd keep this up, did you??  Well, I will admit to writing all three of these posts in one afternoon and scheduling them to post two days apart.  Why?  I didn't want to bore you with all those stories in one long post, and this week I'll be crunching out the writing big time!

Another reason I haven't blogged since December is I've been working very hard on book 3 of my Healer series - TASTE OF DEATH.  It's due out at the end of 2013, but my editor wants it by April 1st!  No fooling!  I have a couple days to finish the first draft and make some sense of it!  It's a mess right now - it's going to need some major revisions.  Which is why it's due April 1st - I need time to revise based on my daughter, son, husband, editor and agent's comments.  The art department needs time to design the cover art, the sales staff needs time to get orders from book stores, the marketing department needs time to develop a fabulous marketing plan, etc... All before the book can be published for you to read.

At one point during the last month, I stopped to take a break and looked at my word count.  88,888 words - I thought it was a good sign so I took a picture!  My novels usually run about 100,000 words. Right now I'm at...95,909 words.

As part of the finishing the book, I went on a writing retreat with three other writing friends.  Some of you may know Mindy Klasky - she's written fantasy, chick lit and YA as Morgan Keyes - she was one of them.  We drove down to Duck, North Carolina and spent three days writing all day.  Okay, maybe not ALL day, but I do more writing when I'm away from home than I do AT home - yes, even if it's at the beach.  We were there in late January so it wasn't bathing suit weather, but I managed to take my camera out and shoot a few pictures.  For some reason I was fascinated by the shells on the sand and the dune grass.



Of the two dune grass with the ocean in the background - which one do you like the best?  I'm curious since the colors and composition are different.

Okay - that's it for this series of on why I haven't blogged since December 2012.  I hope to blog on a regular basis from now on, but I'm not going to make any promises!

I have been good at posting on Facebook - you can check out my posts at:  for news and comments.  My page hit 5,000 likes last week, and I'm celebrating by doing a BIG giveaway!  So stop by and leave a comment and you might win a prize.


  1. Ooh pretty pictures Maria!! I think I like the first dune grass one! I like the way the sunlight hits! It feels like you're walking in the dune grass and stumble upon the ocean! That's how I see it with the grass right in front of the ocean view and probably why I like it!

    December is becoming my favorite month ever! I have my birthday, Christmas, and of course a release from Maria!! ;)

  2. The first one is definitly my favorite :). The colors are more vibrant. I hope the year goes by fast because with the cliff hanger from Scent of Magic I might just well go crazy!. Thank you for the blogs I love to read what's going on in a writers life.
    - Chelsey

  3. Wow you have been busy! Good luck on finishing up the next book, I can't wait for it!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  4. Yayyyy 3rd book! :D Can't wait!

  5. I honestly can't wait till book 3!
    top photo, the colour's are more pure

  6. Late to the party as usual...but I have a good excuse (you'll see what it is on FB). I like the 2nd's subtle.

    And I'm jealous that you got to go on a retreat with Mindy. She's good peeps!

    Hope you got the book done :-)

  7. Thanks for the comments - interesting to see who is more drawn to the bright colors and who likes the subtle. I liked the second one better as well - it doesn't seem quite as...busy :)

    Now I have to go check out Deborah FB page to see her excuse...BRB...OMG - CONGRATS Deborah for selling your novel THE BABA YAGA to Berkley! So exciting - I'll have do a Take Ten with you when the book comes out! I know one question will be - Explain that unusual title. CONGRATS!!!


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