Clearing Out the Cobwebs - Part 2!

Okay, where was I....  Oh, yes, volleyball.  While that did dominate our family schedule, we also squeezed in a little skiing.  While the snow in PA wasn't the best (better than last year by a smidge), we managed to get out a few times.  And I went on another high school trip - this time with the high school ski club up to Vermont for a long weekend of skiing with my daughter.

Top of Killington Peak I'm in blue!

I love skiing in Vermont - the slopes are bigger, longer and challenging.  They had more snow than PA and the conditions were wonderful.  We spent two days at Stowe Resort and one day at Killington.  The second day at Stowe was freezing cold - 1 degree F at the top with winds 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.  Coldest I've ever been.  Sitting on an open lift was torture - I'd just huddle in my jacket, thinking I was an idiot to be out here and promising I would head straight for the lodge once I skied down.  But I'd warm up skiing and the slopes were so fun and...the next thing I knew, I'd be on that lift, cursing myself for being an idiot.  After a few runs and a long lunch, we switched to using the Gondola - duh' right?

The Gondola at Stowe Resort
Of the two resorts, I loved Killington - it's called the Beast of the East for a reason - many lodges, which were big and modern with bag checks, a zillion slopes, a waffle place slope-side (Stowe also had waffles at the top of the Gondola).  My favorite lunch was the New England Clam Chowder - expensive at $8 a bowl, but that's all I needed for lunch.

Beautiful views at the top of Stowe

Also the views in VT are spectacular and I love the names of some of the trails.  Nosedive at Stowe was one of my favorites - and it's a blue square (intermediate slope)!  They also had one called Lord and we heard someone say, "If you get lost, just follow the Lord!"  In PA, I'm an expert level skier, in VT I was an intermediate skier - but I did one black diamond (expert) slope just to say I did it :)  No, I didn't do any double black diamonds - I'm not that crazy!

Another favorite thing to do in VT - stop at the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory and buy a pint of ice cream!  After a full day of skiing, it's a great treat and we've burned all those calories...right?

That's it for this post.  Tune in for Part 3 - coming soon!


  1. I'm shivering just looking at the pictures of that icky white stuff ;) Though I would be on board for the stop at the ice cream shop!

    1. Icky white stuff! I don't agree at all ;) But I'm willing to compromise - lots of white stuff on the mountains, but none on the roads.

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