BIG NEWS for my Australian and New Zealand readers :)

This is excerpted from my recent email newsletter blast :)  Sorry, but I have to finish a book!

Only one month until INSIDE OUT is released in Australia! That's big news...right? Uh...I have a new website page dedicated to my Australian releases and any news regarding them. Already know that....hmmm....How about the Study books will be released as a box set in March? Not that exciting? Or perhaps the fact that OUTSIDE IN is due out in July 2011, and I inserted the fabulous cover art below? Still not what you would consider big?

Well what do I have to do? Come down there? All right...fine.... I'm coming to Australia and New Zealand for a three week book tour!!! YAY! I'm super excited! I'll will be there in August 2011!! I don't have all the details yet, but when I do, I'll blog about it, post the info on my Australian Page (, and include it in my newsletter of course!

I want to thank all my Australian readers who wrote letters to my publisher asking them to bring me to your country. They worked! You done good - now give yourselves a pat on the back and welcome to my growing army of book commandos!



  1. I really like the Australian covers! Not as much as the American ones though.

  2. Many thanks to you, the publisher, and anyone else involved for making your Australian trip happen! Since it'll be three weeks long, I'm pretty confident you'll be stopping by my state (Victoria), and I look forward to meeting you then :-)

  3. I love these covers!! I'm still waiting on my copy of Outside In to arrive at my local B&N. I can't wait to read it.

  4. YAY! I got really ecstatic when I read this post. KYA! I told mum and I can't wait until you come.
    How awesome!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sweetness of Oz - hmmm.... Sweet? Really? LOL

    Consider the "come" a regional dialect. And here I thought you'd be more annoyed by the "down" :) because from your point of view - I'm "down" and you're "up" ;> Of course, it's all relative as we'll all on a big ball, spinning through space!

  7. Where have I been? I missed this exiting news. Yay, alittle late though, lol. Just have to wait til next year now. On the plus side Ethan's scan came back clear, yay!

  8. Wow, Maria -- that's great news! You and your fans will have a blast.

    Speaking of blasts, I highly recommend walking past the gas towers that line the Melbourne waterfront. Each night, they huff out great blasts of flame, delighting passersby.

    I've always found Aussies and New Zealanders to be such open-minded, engaging people, such thinkers, and they have a great spec fic community.



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