Friday, Friday, Friday

You know the saying that bad things happen in threes?  Seems 3 is my number this last week and not all bad...depending on how you look at it :)

This past week - I discovered way that we have a skunk living in our window well and that even if a window's closed tight, it doesn't stop the stench when a skunk sprays.  We're in the process of evicting Mr. Skunk. That's 1. We had a freak wind storm with gusts that lifted our very heavy trampoline and sent it into our neighbor's tree, bending it like a paper plate.  That's 2.  And I had three deadlines all due on March 1st (which is one of those bittersweet things - glad I have work, but swamped) I met one deadline, so far :(  That's 3.

On the flip side, I've had three good things happen this week :)  Business Woman Magazine (a local print mag) published it's March issue with me on the cover!  The article about me is just lovely, the author, Lynda Hudzick did an excellent job.  Here's a link if anyone would like to see and read the magazine (just clink on the cover and it'll open in a new window - you can read the whole thing!):  That's 1.  I found out I'm going to Australia and New Zealand for a book tour (see Thursday's post for details :).  That's 2.  And this weekend is my baby boy's 16th birthday!  WAH!  I can't believe it's been 16 years - the time just flew by.  We're having a surprise volleyball/pizza party for him tomorrow.  That's 3.

And I want to thank Mindy for sharing her story - she has made me realize how precious every moment with my kids is and I've been spending more time with him - much to his chagrin - I've learned there are three different ways to roll your eyes (1 - the quick "I hope mom doesn't see roll," 2 - the exaggerated roll with sigh and shoulder action, 3 - the close your eyes and then roll.)

Last thing - Trella is blogging over at Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Blog today - there's a 10 question quiz to test your knowledge - and a give away of a signed set of Inside/Outside books from me.  So go check it out and have a great weekend!  I know I'll be busy :)

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  1. I am very excited about you coming to AUSTRALIA!!!! Im still waiting for your books to come out in Australia but otherwise I have read your other's. I <3 the study series!!!!! Counting down the days until you new books come out!!!!! (HOPE YOU COME TO SYDNEY) <3

  2. Hi Juliette - I hope I do come to Sydney, too :) As for my Australian releases - All six of the Study and Glass books have come out there (see all the covers here: The only ones that haven't are Inside Out and Outside In.

  3. Isn't the expression "third time is a charm"?
    Good luck with the skunk. (I thought they avoided people.) Ready for a new driver in the family? Is he going to get his own car when he passes the test?

  4. Hope you will have a good time in Australia and New Zealand. I hope to travel to both of those places one day.


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