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Tonight I'm doing a live chat over on the Eve's Fan Garden website.  I will be there starting at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time so if you want to chat about OUTSIDE IN and my other books, come join us.

Here's a link: 

As most of my family knows, I'm a crow - I love sparkly things and can't resist jewelry.  When I found out a lady who is living in Japan is making jewelry with sea glass and that all the profits are being donated to the earthquake relief just make my little crow's heart flutter!  For my fellow crow's ;>  here's the website if you'd like to check out the beautiful and reasonably priced creations:

Also - for my French readers - INSIDE OUT has been released this month with the title, Enfermée (which translates via Google Translate to Enclosed).  The publisher is featuring the title on their Darkiss fanpage/website on Friday, March 25th with a Q&A and some other things.  For those who can read French, you can go here:  for the home page - but I'm not sure where the fanpage is located.

Here's their Facebook page:

Last thing - OUTSIDE IN should be out in the UK now!  It's so fun to see all these other editions of my books and how the covers are different.  The UK one for INSIDE OUT, which is very similar to the French edition is how I imagined the cover art - Trella in the pipes.

And I updated my contest page to include a contest for OUTSIDE IN - as usual, Jessica, a very loyal reader who's been a supporter back when POISON STUDY was out in hardcover and the ink was still wet - ;> sent me her answers first.  She had been watching my website for the update :) Basically the contest is answer 20 questions about OUTSIDE IN and I'll mail you a signed book label to put into your copy of the book.  And your name then goes into a box and four times a year I'll draw a name of a winner of a signed copy of the book. 


  1. I love the other covers!!! I do like the US ones but I still get jealous every time I see the covers from overseas.
    Btw, I've been meaning to tell you.... Loved Outside In!! Are you planning on a third book or do we have to be satisfied with these two? Oh, and what are you working on next?? Have you mentioned that already? I've been so out of the loop in not having time to get over here!! Reilly is keeping me busy!! (oh, and the book "I just forgot" is a current favorite. :) he often will carry it from room to room and want me to read it to him. :) Love him!!

  2. I just heard that you won't be doing a book three and my heart is broken...very saddened by this news. I absolutely love all your books.

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