A Day in the Life

I'm guest blogging today on Sit Read Cook's blog about a typical day for me - there are pictures of my desk and various toys that keep me company :)  We're also giving away a signed copy of INSIDE to a lucky winner - open internationally of course! 

Here's the link: http://www.stitchreadcook.com/2012/05/day-in-life-of-maria-v-snyder-giveaway.html

Also I'd like to CONGRATULATE Maria on winning the Special Prize Package offered during the Double Promo with author Dana Marton!  (not me - another Maria ;)

You still have a chance to win one of 12 books if you post a comment by 11:50 pm EDST tonight on my Facebook status here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/mvsfans/posts/10150787697329322?notif_t=feed_comment  I'm celebrating over 3000 likes by giving away lots of books!!


  1. i will go to see that now but already thanks you for this international opportunity to win , i have inside on my wishlist so it's really great ^^ thanks you

  2. That was such a fun read, Maria! :) Your 17 year old son sounds like my brother! He barely says a word to my mom when she talks to him about his day.

  3. Hi Maria. It's me, the other Maria. I am so excited. Ty so much for the give away

  4. It is really interesting having an insight into the life of a full-time author. I really hope that will be me one day. You and me are the same with what time we write! I always think I write better between 10pm and 3am. The only bad thing is that I'm still at school and I have a weekend job, so I am up early every morning and never get to continue writing as long as I would like.
    Looking forward to the next post :)


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