The Power in a Reader's Touch - Part 2

by Bri Clark

This is about 24 hours late and it is completely my fault reader dears. My life goes at a Warp 9 speed. So when anything not on my usual schedule happens (ie a child gets sick, a cat decides she wants to wear my bra, I drop a phone in a toilet) my mojo gets thrown for a loop. So apologies to Maria and ya'll as well.

Last week I introduced ya'll to 2 things. 1. You readers are powerful. 2. Amazon Algorithm. If you missed The Power in a Reader's Touch: Part I go here Now if you thought I was going to try and explain in more detail AA then I'm going to introduce you to disappointment. This is a post for readers and frankly you don't need to know all that. Not to mention it changes all the blasted time.

However, I'm going to introduce ya'll to one tool of manipulation. Cue the dada dumdum music followed by the drum roll.....


I heard that sigh. I'm so glad we've moved passed the eye rolling.

Reviews are one of the components that will help move a book up in ranking on Amazon. That's the simple math of it. The more reviews the better. They don't have to be grand or long. Just honest. And while you're at it once you get done posting that review and it give you the option to share via Facebook and Twitter do it. I heard a rumor that once an author gets 20 reviews whether good or bad AA will start suggesting that title to readers when they are browsing. But that was a rumor.

Not only do reviews help authors they can be great for you reader dear too. For readers with blogs they post their reviews on they can receive books for free through several sources. With the expectation of a review I'll have you keep in mind.

1. Netgalley: "NetGalley delivers secure, digital galleys to professional readers. If you are a reviewer, blogger, journalist, librarian, bookseller, educator, or in the media, you can use NetGalley for FREE to read and request titles before they are published." That's the official explanation from Netgalley. But in short you get ARC's (advanced read copies) that means they may not be perfect grammatically. I adore Netgalley. I get all my favorite books before they release for free. And they've even used my reviews on the Amazon listing and in the book itself. How cool is that?!

2. Blog Tour Companies: Blog tour companies are very popular with the invention of the eBook. No longer do authors have to pay to travel all over the US to have a hit or miss book signing. This is exactly as it sounds. The ability for an author to visit with a reader base from anywhere that is connected to the internet. Become a host. Get on their mailing list and they will send you books that are up for review. Warning though the copies are predominantly in eBook format. I'll name a few companies I've worked with that you might want to look into becoming a host for.

Bewitching Blog Tours
Partners in Crime
Goddess Fish
Coffee Beans and Love Scenes
Sizzling PR

And that's it for today reader dears next week I'll share some tools and a layout for when how to do a review. Thanks Maria for having me. [Thanks for another wonderful post Bri!]

About Bri...

No stranger to adversity there are three things that make Bri Clark the ultimate womenpreneur. Failure, Work Ethic, Ambition, Strategy She works as a strategist, author and speaker as well as a consultant and promoter for multiple publishers. After moving to Boise from Tennessee she was quickly dubbed “The Belle of Boise” for her hospitable nature, forward attitude, and sassy nature.

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  1. I'm always begging people to review the books they loved (mine and other people's) and I try to take the time to do so myself. Great post!

    1. Deborah I know exactly how you feel. People are so very careful with their time. I decided to do this series so they would be able to see what huge service it was to authors. That we ask not for an ego boost but out of a genuine need.

      Thanks for commenting

  2. I accidently came across your book magic study and thought it would just be a light read i never knew how much I would absolutely love them have read all the Yelena series and Opal Cowan moving on to touch of power next looking forward to also reading inside out and outside in I think you are a great author and ill look forward to whatever book you release next

  3. I accidentally requested a book on Netgalley, What should I do?


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