Ask Opal (i.e. Help!!)

I'm doing an event for Bitten By Books on Friday - and it's a Q&A with Opal plus I'm giving away 10 signed copies of SPY GLASS!

I need help thinking of questions for Opal. So if you have a question or two you'd like to ask her, now's the time! Please post it here and I'll post her answers over on the bitten by books website (I'll post a link here), and I'll be answering questions all day on Friday as well - should be fun :)

Thanks in advance for any help!!! *insert hugs here*


  1. Dear Opal,
    If you could go back and change any one decision you made, what would it be and why?

  2. Opal: How do you think Zitora will take to everything that has happened since she left the Keep?

  3. Questions for Opal!

    1. You've mentioned several times that Yelena can speak with horses, and that horses name their people... are you ever going to ask her what your horse's name for you is?

    2. Do you think you'll soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet in Lief and Mara's home... and will Sitia be able to feed the mouths of any child of Lief's? Or will new trade with Ixia need to be set up to feed them all. hehe...

  4. Opal, are you happy with the choices you had to make?

    Other than glass-making, what are your other favorite hobbies/past-times?

  5. Opal: How did you become a stronger and more confident person? Do you still ever feel insecure about your decisions or how others perceive you?

  6. Dear Opal,

    Have you had any love intrests before Ulrick and Kade?

  7. At the end of Sea Glass, Yelena talked about having a list of people you can trust no matter what. Who is on that list and how do you know who to trust after all that has happened?

  8. Opal, you say you never know what you'll create when you sit down at the gaffers bench but have you ever wondered what animal will appear when creating one for Devlen?

  9. Opal, what have you heard from Zitora about her looking for her family?

  10. Thanks for all the great questions!! I'm not sure I'll use them all as some of the answers may be spoilers ;> But Opal will answer the ones not included over at Bitten By Books here on Friday :)

  11. opal, through out your life you have faced many difficulties and many things have affected you. do you think that they have affected you in bad ways or good ways? can you apreciate things better? also, do you think that if you worked on your glass your skills would improve.
    jodie durkin

  12. If you made a glass animal that represents yourself, what would it be?

  13. Opal, why do you think it is that your family loves to tell all the embarrassing stories about you? Do they ever embarrass Mara or your brother when they have guests over? And what kind of stories embarrass you the most?

  14. I have a question for opal,

    Q: When you were younger, did you ever think you would end up where you are now?

    Thanks Maria, I really love your stories, and I can't wait for another!! :)

  15. Here are Opal's answers to the questions that didn't make the Bitten by Books blog (not too many :) [Spoiler Alert]

    I found out my horse name from Quartz in Spy Glass - it's Fire Lady

    I gained strength and confidence by experience. Everything I did and lived through all gave me the confidence that I can survive. I still have my doubts - if not, then my ego would be unbearable :)

    There were a couple guys at the Magician's Keep who I had crushes on, but no one I really dated before Ulrick.

    I think Devlen's glass statue would be a chameleon and mine would probably be a fox - my sister Tula had made a fox for me, claiming she thought of me as she worked on it.

    With all the things that has happened to me, I think the overall effect has been good. I've learned so much and while I have regrets and sorrows, I'm a stronger person as a result.

    As with anything, the more you practice the better you get - so I would definitely improve the more I worked with glass.

    My family doesn't think they're telling embarrassing stories about me - they believe they're relating fond memories. I'm just embarrassed by them. And yes they tell them about Ahir and Mara, but I'm not embarrassed by those :) The most mortifing story is the one of me when i was 4 and ran outside naked and soapy and crashed right into my father, who accidently dumped a bowl full of sand on my head!

    When I was younger, I thought I'd be working in my family's glass factory when I was older. Maybe married with kids, but nothing like my life today. Only some insane, deranged person would ever dream that my life would go in this direction!

  16. Dear Maria

    I love all your books. I just finished Spy Glass, I absolutely love the ending of Opal marrying Devlan, Cos' I love Devlan's charater. Perhaps a little bit more intimatecy or sexy romance would make it a perfect read. Don't we all love a bit of bad boy in a man. I look forward to your new series. From Jane Court


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