Remembering Kiki

I'm very sad to announce the real Kiki passed away last week :(  Her owner/mother, Susan Kraykowski (Suekray from the Sandseed Clan) emailed me earlier this week and let me know.

Here's part of her email: Kiki passed away suddenly, late on Thursday afternoon (9-9-10). We think she had a massive heart attack or a stroke. Deb and Pete told me she had been fine all day and ate her dinner as usual (you always know a horse is unhappy about something if it doesn't eat). Her latest vet call was OK, too...except for the usual elderly horse gimpiness. Her coat was shiny, her weight was good and she was still active and interested in life despite almost 30 years of age (which is quite a respectable age for any horse). I am grateful it was quick and that she did not suffer through a long, painful illness. Tell your readers and Kiki's fans that we'll all meet up at the Rainbow Bridge one day!

Here's Kiki's official name: McDonald's Highland Love
She was a Five-gaited American Saddlebred Mare (16.1 hands high)
April 2, 1981 - September 9, 2010

Kiki earned her nickname from Susan's niece who called the large horse a Kitty, but since she couldn't quite pronounce Kitty - she said Kiki and the name stuck.

She was the first horse I rode, my favorite horse and my inspiration...She'll be dearly missed!  But she will live on in Sitia and Ixia with Yelena, sharing her adventures and misadventures :)

Kiki enjoying retirement at Crazy Woman Farm, NC

Susan riding Kiki with her Boxer, Chaunsey at Justamere Farm in PA


  1. Oh no! That's so sad! I remember you talking about Kiki when you first met her. There will always be Kiki in Sita though, as you said.

  2. I'm so sorry. That is sad news. I'm glad there was a real Kiki though, and that she lived a happy life.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Kiki. I am amazed by how long she lived and how much love she had from those who knew her. I'm glad your books will keep her memory alive.

  4. So sorry to hear about Kiki. It's lovely to keep her memory alive in a your books though.

  5. Maria, friends, and fans: you got everything right. Thanks for all your kind words. Kiki was one of the all-time greats and will indeed be missed but her memory lives on as long as Maria's books are read. I shall always cherish my personally "hoofographed" copy of "Magic Study!"

  6. Awww, this is very sad... although yes, at least she went quickly!

    This, btw, was exactly how I imagined Kiki would look!

  7. I'm very sad to hear that, Maria. Please pass my condolences onto your friend.

  8. Awwww!!! That make me so sad! Kiki is perhaps my favorite animal charater from a book... ever! It's always really hard to loose a loved animal/friend so my thought's are with your friend... Thanks for adding Kiki to the books it's nice to know that she will live on in them.

  9. I'm so sorry Maria. xoxo ~chocoholic

  10. I loved Kiki in the books and it is sad that her namesake has passed. At least she will live on in your wonderful books!!

  11. Sad to hear, LOVE her character in the books. My dearly departed horse passed the same way and it does relieve the heart a wee bit that they go quickly with little suffering.

  12. Oh that is really sad. So sorry to hear that. Glad she didn't suffer though. She will live on in your books.
    Love Kaarina

  13. I think there's a special place in Heaven for animals and once they've done their job here, they get to run free up there. For those of us that love the Study Series, Kiki will live on. So sorry for the loss.


  14. awe such a sad story :( that is my birthday
    kiki you will be sadly missed, we will remember you forever in Maria's stories :)

  15. That is so sad to hear. I had a horse had a hear attack and it's so sad to watch, she's a gorgeous horse.


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