Capture the Flag in 2010

This past weekend was a combination of fun family activities and much needed yard work.  We had something to do every day.  One of the activities was a BBQ at my sister's house.  There were a bunch of teens and young adults and once the sun went down they decided to make two teams and play capture the flag.  Normally I would have joined them, but being sore from spreading wheelbarrows full of mulch...I was more content to watch. 

It started like any other game, but soon I realized these weren't the kids of my day or even of a few years ago.  No.  When my daughter was stuck in "jail" instead of calling out for rescue, she texted her teammate with her cell phone.  When they searched for the opponets' flag, they used the light from their cell phones to search. I had to laugh - they were still running around, laughing and getting skinned knees and elbows, and a few more scratches on their cell phones.  

A few years ago, I probably would have been annoyed by the texting.  But since getting a texting phone and unlimited texts (more for my teens), I'm understanding the appeal of texting.  It's a short/quick way to communicate without bothering people around you - handy when in noisy situations like a football game.  Of course - I would never text and drive - I can't even walk and text!  But this example reminds me to keep an open mind and give new things a try before I dismiss them out of hand!

Now for a change of subject!  Links to a few reviews and a Poll for best book cover for September 2010 over at Bitten By Books - SPY GLASS is listed so if you'd like to vote I provided a link below:

Poll (ends September 12th):

Bitten By Books SPY GLASS review:

Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK! (caution a spoiler in this review!):

And SPY GLASS was chosen to be a Fresh Pick at Fresh Fiction!  On September 12th, the book's cover will be all over their site.  Check it out here:


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