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Just thought you might be interested in a guest blog I did over at Reading Rocks 4 me.  It's about why I chose certain names in my Study and Glass books. And there is a great review of SPY GLASS as well that was posted the day before!

Here's the link: http://readingrocks4me.blogspot.com/


  1. Is it wrong that I like Valek even more after reading where his name comes from? XD

    A friend of mine saw Sea Glass at the bookstore on a trip to Chicago and liked the cover... and was determined to buy the books. For whatever reason she didn't buy it that day, but instead did her research and bought Poison Study first... then all of the rest VERY shortly there after. She passed them along to me, and I have fallen in love. Frankly, I haven't fallen this in love with a group of characters in a long time. Thank you so much :)

  2. I LOVE that you have meaning in your names!! I think it is so important. Cahil's name meaning is awesome! So perfect!

    I seriously have fallen in love with your characters. I feel a real connection to all of them and their stories. It is probably the main reason I love your books so much. Thank you so much for creating them and giving them personalities and voices.

  3. I think I have a character crush on Valek! And Yelena's name is so lovely. Fits her very well!

  4. You seem to like Japanese names a lot; Tama (jewel/chance), Raiden (lightning) and Akako (red child). I stufy Japanese and write Japanese manga/anime fan-fiction so I recognised them :3

  5. I love that your character names have special meanings - I always think that adds to them in a lovely way :)

    One of the reasons I started reading the Glass series is because my surname is Cowan ^_^;
    How did you come up with the clan/place names?


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