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It is that time of the year - not the start of school (although that's a very good time of year for me ;) but the time when I'm promoting a new book.  So instead of getting a blog about how I went to Hersheypark with the kids on Friday and spent all day today spreading mulch, you get links to interviews and contests and reviews.  Fun stuff right?  Right??  Well, better than hearing about spreading mulch anyway.

I also wrote a number of guest blogs that will be coming up in September so I'll make sure to posts links for those as well.  And I do have a couple of Author interviews of my own to post as well.

Here are the links:
An interview over at Bookyurt: 

An interview and give away of a signed copy of SPY GLASS: 

An interview and contest give away of a signed copy of SPY GLASS:


  1. loving the interviews :) they're dead interesting.

  2. Thank you for sharing the links, Maria. Can't wait to check them out. I'm also extremely excited that I'll be attending the writing workshop with you in Bloomsburg this weekend. Half way through Spy Glass and loving it! I look forward to meeting you this weekend and hearing all your great advice. ; )


  3. How do you keep up with all of this stuff, honey? It's exhausting just to read it! ;-)


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