My Dwindling To Do List!

Yes!! Progress!!  I'm making progress on my before-I-can-relax-at-the-beach To Do list.  It's all due to everyone's encouragement - I should post my to do lists more often ;>  See below for a status update:

•Revise SCENT OF MAGIC [Have 269 pages done]

Write a short story for THE BEST LAID PLANS anthology  Done and sent to the editor. And I came up with a title, Brand Spanking New (it's about a new recruit's first mission).

Write a travel article about Australia for b Magazine  Done.

Write a synopsis for TASTE OF DEATH (bk 3 in the Healer series)  Done!  (I really like the way this book develops - a new nasty comes into play called the Skeleton King - he's mention in Touch of Power - does anyone remember?).

Write a synopsis for another series to be written after Taste Of Death.  Done - I only wrote the synopsis for book 1 since I'm a seat of the pants writer and have no idea what book 2 and 3 will be :)  I'm not going to tell you what the synopsis is about yet - I need approval from my editor first - otherwise I might get your hopes up for nothing ;>

Prep for talk for the Valley Forge Romance Writers  Done.

Present to VFRW  Done!  The ladies were lovely and such a fun group.  Thanks for lunch!

Attend the Book Expo in NYC in June  Done. Had a great time - signed a book for Dr. Ruth!! (see picture with Dr. Ruth and Rachel Vincent).

Prep for Seton Hill's residency (I'm teaching two classes) and writer's conference (I'm leading one workshop)  Done.  Will be at the multi-author book signing on Friday night at Seton Hill - it's open to the public (  I'll have books there for sale and you can bring your own for me to sign as well :)

•Attend SHU's residency and writer's conference.  [Packing in progress]

If I have time, I'd like to update my appearances page on my website and save a few blog posts to post later - Bri Clark has 2 more post to her Power in the Reader's Touch series.  And I need to answer 3 Q&As for bloggers, too :)

Ah the overall To Do list is never ending!


  1. Yay!! You're nearly finished with the to do list!! Would so love to go to BEA sometime! NYC too far and a little too intense for me though I think!

    Can't wait to read Scent of Magic!! :D

  2. WOW - You've powered through that list. Well done. :D
    Can't wait for Scent of Magic. x

  3. OMG! lol everything about that list was exciting! Cant wait for Scent of Magic & A third book?! really? I didn't know. AND another series! Love your books and So excited for more to come :D

  4. -Makes grabby hands at Scent of Magic.- You keep mentioning it, I keep getting excited, and then I remember that the release is a long ways away. THEN I sob in a corner! D:

    Third book, new series?! I am so uber excited. ;D Is the new series going to be more Ixian/Sitian plotsies?! WITH FISK GETTING HIS LOVE ON?! :O I just adore him, no seriously, he needs to grow up some more so my obsession with him is less creepy.

    Anyway, I cannot wait. <3 I am sending you all my love! And just so you know, every time I read one of your books, I get the inspiration to write something of my own. Your amazing! <3

  5. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG *breathe* SCENT OF MAGIC!!! *girlie screram* TASTE OF DEATH!!! *girlie scream* EXCITING!!! Can't wait to find out the plot for the new series - I hope it's on Ixia-Sitia, I just love those countries!!! I wonder if it could be on Teegan and Reema?
    I remember Zane's skeleton crew from Touch of Power. They made everythiing from bones - tents, weapons etc. Eeeeeewwww....
    Still - Excited muchly about your books, keep on writing!

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and continuing encouragement!

    FYI - Scent of Magic - book 2 of the Healer series is coming out the end of December (6 months from now) and Taste of Death - book 3 is tentatively slated for end of December 2013


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