The Power in a Reader's Touch Part 4

This is the last of Bri's posts. Bri - Thanks so much for providing this informative series of posts on how much power a reader has!

Amazon Tagging
By Bri Clark

Well reader dears I have had a wonderful time sharing my little how tos into the power you hold. If you happen to miss Part I, Part II, or Part III just click the highlighted parts. 

Now for the last part into the power you hold it’s tagging…specifically Amazon tagging. The point of tagging is similar to the thought behind a Google search. You type a specific word or phrase and those items come up.

So say you are on Amazon and you type in “YA Fantasy” or “Young Adult” in the search bar if Maria’s books have been tagged a lot with these phrases then her books will pop up. The same thing goes for her name…”Maria V. Snyder”

On Amazon, each person is allowed up to 15 tag words or phrases. You’ll need to have an Amazon account and be signed in of course.

Here are the tag words and areas for Touch of Power. Notice some of the words that have been used. The one that says Maria V Snyder is the only appropriate one I think. And because I really want her sales to go up I’m going to add these tag words. I invite you to as well. Here’s the link.

Side note: all you’ll have to do is copy & paste them into that little column that says “Your Tags” then hit add.

Maria V Snyder, Young Adult, YA, YA Fantasy, YA romance, YA adventure, Kindle best seller, YA best seller.

And when her sales go up she makes more money and therefore writes more books. Which I think we all will agree we want. That’s it reader dears.

Well that does it. If you have any ideas yourself please share them below. And when you have time tag and review all of Maria’s books. I’m sure she would appreciate it. I know I would. 

About Bri...
No stranger to adversity there are three things that make Bri Clark the ultimate womenpreneur. Failure, Work Ethic, Ambition, Strategy She works as a strategist, author and speaker as well as a consultant and promoter for multiple publishers. After moving to Boise from Tennessee she was quickly dubbed “The Belle of Boise” for her hospitable nature, forward attitude, and sassy nature.


  1. Ms. Snyder, if I sent you an email, and my friends did too, how long will it take for us to get an email? And dang, I need to check your blog more often, I have completely missed this "The Power in a Reader's Touch" series!!

  2. Hi Tayler, I've had a busy June and am currently on vacation, however, my assistant keeps track of the friend referrals and contests and I sign the books before she mails them out. She's also on vacation this week. Please be patient and make sure you've sent your mailing addy and book choice to cut down on time - I'd expect you'd get your book by the end of July.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! No rush, I was just curious!


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