My Readers are THE BEST! Part 2

Part 2 of my series showcasing my fabulous and talented readers!  My readers are always asking me which actors I'd pick to play the various characters.  And I never know who to say because I'm not up on the current crop of young actors.  For Yelena I do like Summer Glau from the Sarah Conner chronicles - she played the terminator/body guard and some of you might know her as River from Firefly, but she'll probably be a grandmother by the time my books are ever made into movies.

JanYves Stewart designed wallpaper of a few of my characters and he picked a few actors to play Yelena, Ari and Janco.  Take a look:

The writing are quotes from POISON STUDY: "Yelena, I'm offering you a choice. You can either be executed, or you can be Commander Ambrose's new food taster." [Valek]

"A fool would refuse the job."

"What shall I tell the executioner?"

"I'm not a fool."
I'm not sure who these actors are - I think Janco is a great match.  Ari is a little different than I'd imagined - Ari is blond and muscular like a rugby player.
And Joy Kenney thought my short story, ICE STUDY should have a cover and she made her own (purely as fan art):

Pretty cool eh?

My readers have also been inspired to make videos.  Here are a couple about Yelena and Valek:

And there's even a Spoof of POISON STUDY - which I thought was funny (apparently the high school boys were annoyed to be assigned a "chick book" to read):


  1. OOoh nice!! If I had that kind of computer talent I would so do that too! Very nice!!

  2. This is sad, but with the casting of some certain beloved characters a few years ago, I have given up my "vision" of which actor should play whom. It's hard to watch a movie when the images are SO different than what you expect. I don't know how much input the author had. It's fun to dream though. :D

  3. i can totally see Richard Armitage as Valek!

  4. but where are the curls?

  5. I never had a very clear idea of Valek- but Richard Armitage- OH YES!

  6. So is Richard Armitage that really hot guy without a shirt in the second video? If so, uhm, YEAH, I totally agree that he would make an AWESOME Valek!
    I notice that the women in all the videos end up looking a lot like the gal who played the Confessor in Legend of the Seeker, and I think she'd be wonderful to play Yelena! I thought the second video with the song that sounded like they were singing "God is a woman" was really pretty spot on! I didn't like the parody.

  7. wow!! ice study cover art by a fan is amazing! i have printed the story out, so made it into a book, but now i will have a fantastic front cover too!!
    by sunni

  8. I'm glad to hear everyone is enjoying these posts! Casting the movie seems a favorite thing to do - perhaps I'll do another series of posts and let you all vote! Except I'll need help picking actors and actresses :)

  9. Some books, i think, shoudn't be made into movies because it would sort of be like the genocide of thousands of Yelenas, Valeks, Trellas, Rileys, Avrys and Kerricks - all replaced by some Hollywood actors, that can NEVER be good enough...

  10. Such amazing wallpapers lol ;)


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