My Readers are THE BEST! Part 3

More talented readers.  The artist of the pen and ink pictures is Amy Harlib - she sent me a bunch of pictures, but these two are my favorites:

And I recently found out Amy is also a contortionist! If you want to see her in action check out her website - it's just AMAZING and I think I pulled a muscle just watching the videos:
 Below is a picture of Tammy - who recently earned her BLACK BELT!  CONGRATS to Tammy!! She was inspired by my strong female protagonists and now you don't want to mess with Tammy. 

And below is a cartoon that I received right after POISON STUDY was published in 2005.  I've had it hanging on my desk for years and failed to write the artist's name on the back and it was two computers ago :(  But I wanted to share because it's one of my favorites:

Click on the picture if you can't see the whole thing.  And if you can't read the captions - here they are:
Panel 1 - Valek, "You're unbelievable."
Yelena, "Is that good or bad?"

Panel 2 - Valek, "Good. I assumed you would give the soldiers a good chase, and you did. But I never expected..."

Panel 4 - Valek, "Is that...a leaf on your head?"
Yelena, "Yes. I thought it complimented by eyes."


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