My Readers are THE BEST! Really!

My readers provide me with the biggest and most unexpected joy of being a published novelist.  Now, I know you're thinking, what's so unexpected? you wrote a book and had it published for people to read.  Yes, but I didn't expect the outpouring of love.  I didn't expect to inspire other artists to paint and draw pictures based on my stories and characters, to inspire other writers to write their own stories,  poems, and fan fiction.  To inspire lovely videos, graphic art designs and even cartoons.  To inspire young women to take kickboxing and karate classes and one young lady to not commit suicide.  Would you expect all that?

And the best part is they share their poems, stories and pictures.  I have two pencil drawings hanging on my wall (one is on the left of Valek - credit and other photo is below), I have jewelry inspired by my books, and I have thousands of emails (and I saved every one!). 

In this series of blog posts, I'm going to share some of their efforts - not to say, "Look how fabulous I am."  But to say, "Look how fabulous and talented THEY are." 

Here's a poem inspired by all my books from Penny Willow of Australia:

When a reader finds an author and it’s a perfect fit
 They suddenly stalk bookstores to devour each word they’ve writ.
 They check her Facebook pages, then scan all tweets and blogs
 Looking for those magic words in every update, post and log.
“Well my new book is finished – and soon will hit the shelves!”
Twelve words which you can guarantee will have a fan beside themselves -
with hope, anticipation – and of course impatience too,
 it’s hard to wait, to see just what, your favourite character will do!
 I cried for poor Yelena when she drank the poisoned potions,
 I hated that man Valek – though I admit to mixed emotions.
 He seemed so hard and cruel – what an iron heart he’s got -
It would be easier to loathe him – if the man weren’t so damned hot!

 I watched Opal develop – with every turn of page,
 She went from glass to diamond – from innocent to sage.
 And though I wouldn’t quite agree with the choices she would make,
 I respect it was her journey – and not mine – to take.
 Oh how I loved fierce Trella and the strange world she would roam,
 I can’t believe I never guessed a [spoiler] was her Home!

 And now we have another tale, a new journey to share,
 With strong and caring Avry whose gift is strange and rare.
 Who takes the wounds of others – their sickness and their pain -
upon herself – then magically – both are well again.
 When we left her there was danger – from Tohon’s army of deceased,
 And now that Kerrick isn’t there – her peril is tenfold increased!

 So now I play the waiting game and as all fans will do
 I stalk Maria’s Facebook, her webpage, Twitter too
 In case she posts those little words I wait and hope to see
 Which say another Avry book is on its way to me!
 When you find an author – it’s such a special day
 One with awesome characters (who neither sparkle nor like shades of grey)
 Books with love and drama and just a bit of fighting
 (and if you’re reading this Maria – shouldn’t you be writing?)
 I cannot wait for your next book – I’m obsessed quite clearly
 But you are my favourite author – and I mean that quite sincerely :)

Yes, I should have been writing and got a good laugh from that third to last line :)

Here is the other pencil drawing by Xiaocaca that I loved so much I bought the originals and hung them in my office:

Yelena and Valek


  1. Penny's poem is fabulous!!! She's summed up our love for you and your writing perfectly!
    You are definitely one of my favourite authors and I am always desperate for something new by you.
    You are one of the authors who I will drop everything for. If one of your books come out, that's it, I'm in that shop getting it then sitting and reading, forget the pile of other books, the jobs to be done, etc. Your books take priority.

  2. WOW. Love the poem and the pictures!

  3. You have some very talented readers! The poem's last stanza made me laugh, and I love the pictures.

    And you, of course.

    I will never forget the first book I read of yours...and how it rocked my world.

    1. Thanks Deborah! Did you see my comment to your "excuse" in my other post? Congrats on the sale! You must do a Take Ten interview with me when the book comes out. Yes, MUST :)

  4. Those drawings are beautiful! I'm so glad you feel loved because you are. I have no great stories to share, but I have recommended your stories to all my friends. The most recent was my sister-in-law who texted and wanted to know the names of the last two Glass Series books and did I know any other books to recommend? She's now devoured the Healer books and has purchased InsideOut/In. Your stories are amazing, and they are all stories that I re-read which is the best compliment I can think of giving an author--that the stories are so good I want to read them AGAIN. xoxo ~Chocoholic in CA

    1. Thanks for recommending my books - that is the best way to keep an author in business :)

      That was another surprise to me, that readers would read my books many times - I was just happy thinking about them reading it at all!

  5. WOW that Yelena and Valek artwork is AMAZING.

  6. Not gonna lie, that's one of the things I seriously look forward to the day my books are popular enough: the fan art.

  7. Loved the artwork, the poem and this post :)

  8. I love the poem and the artwork too. And must amid to being a frequent re-reader of your books too.
    I read the poison series the most, but Avry's first book I have already read 4 times too. Will be re-reading the second before the thirth comes out :D You really killed me with the ending of the second Avry book!

  9. Maria, maybe you should make this into a regular feature on your blog :D It's fascinating all the wonderful and creative items your readers have made.

  10. I really hope you decide suddenly to do another book after scent of magic!!!!!!!! I've read the studies and both Touch of Power and Scent of Magic!!!!! All is amazinggggg

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