My Readers are THE BEST! Part 4.5

Yes, I know what I said in my last post!  But technically this is part of Part 4...right?  I wanted to do this post for a special reader - those on Facebook know her as my administrator for the MVS Fans page and those on Goodreads know her as the Study Buddies moderator.  As you can see, she's very involved with my books and is one of my biggest supporters.  How big?  I'm glad you asked!

Alethea first emailed me September of 2008.  She worked at Borders (rip Borders :( at the time and told me she had two copies of my Study series books, one to keep and one to loan out.  Alethea then proceeded to tell me her goal was to hand sell 400 copies of my books by Christmas that year.  Thrilled by her email, I replied, offering to send her signed book labels and bookmarks to her store.  Of course she'd love them and asked for 200!  Yikes - but I didn't hesitate (if someone is offering to hand sell hundreds of your books - you'll send them anything! really!) - I spent one night signing 200 labels and then another 200 later when she ran out.  Because, YES she met her goal and sold 400+  copies of my books in 3 months.  Amazing! 

Alethea and Me (April 2009)

Alethea single-handedly hooked many readers in the Los Angeles area ;)  She gleefully related tales of recommending all the Study books to a customer, warning her she'll be back for the others.  The customer didn't believe her and only bought POISON STUDY, but when Alethea arrived at the store the next morning, there was the lady, waiting for the store to open so she could buy the other two!  Alethea reports she didn't gloat (I'm not sure I believe she didn't gloat just a little ;).  Alethea has many of these stories and through her, I learned A LOT about what goes on in a bookstore and how NOT to piss off the workers (don't plop your books on those display tables near the front - it's a big no-no).

Teaching readers how to taste for poisons
(no one died....this time ;)

Her efforts did not go unnoticed by my publisher and when STORM GLASS was released in April 2009, they happily agreed I should have a book launch at Alethea's store in Glendale, CA.  It was a blast - over 60 people came to hear me talk and I signed lots of books for people who told me if it hadn't been for Alethea.... (well, let's just say they wouldn't be there).

Signing line in Glendale, CA

One of the best things to result from that email from Alethea is our friendship and I've gotten to know her well.  She has given me feedback/advice on a few short stories and she is also an artist.  Alethea gave me a print made from a linoleum block: 

Peacock 1 of 10

Beautiful - isn't it?  Alethea has a blog and she's posted a couple of our chats about my books and she also reviews books.  Check it out at:  She has lots going on there - including giveaways!

Thank you for letting me showcase my fabulous readers!  This is truly the last post...for now ;>


  1. She sounds amazing! 400+ in 3 months....wowza. Of course your amazing writing probably helped bunches :)

  2. Alethea is wonderful! I love that she had a copy and one to loan. I totally did that with Poison Study.

  3. I follow Alethea's blog and WOW! She's simply amazing I so wish that I worked in either a library or a bookstore, that'd be my dream come true. Unfortunately book stores are getting to be a rare/specialty store rather than one of the default stores :( I so miss Borders, I just don't know how they could have gone under when I go there's always tonnes of people…so sad.

    Anyway, I'm so impressed with Alethea…great work!!!

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