My Readers are THE BEST! Part 4

This series could go on forever, but I'm going to cap it at four :)  This last installment brings a few pictures of Valek - he has inspired many of my readers and I've heard about a number of "book crushes" and out right "undying love."  Good thing he'll be back for more adventures in late 2014!  And there's a picture of Maren and Leif and a bookmark.

Anime Valek (Shea Crumbley)

Valek with Emily (the artist)

Maren and Leif (artist VMH)

Here's a bookmark designed by Renee V. (a.k.a. my cyber stalker):


  1. Beautiful artwork! I love Valek, he's awesome :D

  2. I love the book mark and the picture of Leif looks cool

  3. I drew the first Valek! Oh my goodness I am so excited that you liked it!

  4. Can anyone tell me if the next book in the series is any good?


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