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West Coast Tour

As promised, I'm going to write about my mini tour in sunny California.  It was pouring rain in Pennsylvania when we flew out - we, as in me, my daughter Jenna and my niece Amy.  Jenna was going to miss four days of school, so she had a ton of school work to take along.  She's in 7th grade.  We flew into Los Angeles and Daniel directed us to our hotel in Glendale.  Daniel is my GPS - it's a Garmin and you can choose which "voice" you want and I picked the British Daniel.  Something about the British accent sounds Our first full day we had breakfast with Alethea and her husband.  Can anyone tell me which of my books, Alethea is mentioned??  The real lady works at the Borders in Glendale and she has been a dynamo in hand selling my books and I'm not talking a few copies, but hundreds.  Maybe even over a thousand - it's been about two years.  The picture below is from the last time I was in Glendale for a STORM GLASS release party - April 2009:

Scrambling to Keep Up!

Since I've returned from California, I've been scrambling to keep up with...everything!  I  can really relate to the 3 Doors Down song, Running Out of Days , from their Away From the Sun album.  Especially these lines: "All these little things in life and they all create this haze. Too many things to get done and I'm running out of days."  Yep, I hear you! Last week I did get my email newsletter out on Wednesday the 13th. ICE STUDY Part 7 was included :)  If you're a subscriber and didn't get the issue - check your spam folder.  And if it's not there, then you need to add this email addy to your approved list:     I've also been scrambling to reply to my emails.  So if you've sent me an email, I'm about a month behind, but I will answer.  I don't like to be so far behind, but I feel better about it after I saw Kelley Armstrong's post on Facebook that she had 666 unanswered emails in her in