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Answers and Winners for Chapter Notes Contest

Yes, the questions were tough and there were 31 of them. But my hard core readers were undaunted.  They pressed on and hunted down the answers one by one.  It was a test of their endurance and Internet search skills and they risked paper cuts by flipping through their piles of books for those elusive answers.  You can read the answers below. Eleven readers earned the right to call themselves expert minions and will soon have a T-shirt to wear with pride. Thanks to ALL who entered - I wish I had enough money to send you all a T-shirt. Here are the WINNERS and how many questions they answered right: Kerry Lee Holder - 31 Melissa Furber - 29 Jennifer Olsen - 28 Madison Braga - 27 Jess Furber - 26 Anastasia Jalowiec - 26 Celeste - 26 Gabriella Mullens - 26 Catherine Wen - 25 Sarah Ringer Alverson - 25 Rikke Borgaard - 25 (since there were 3 people who had 25 right, I decided they all earned a shirt, which is why there are 11 winners instead of 10 like I planned :) ).

COVER REVEAL - Australian Night Study!

And here it is!  The Australian cover for NIGHT STUDY .  Isn't it pretty and best of all MATCHES all the others.  To celebrate, I'm having a giveaway for two copies of the book.  Open to all my readers worldwide - you get extra points for commenting on this post! You can enter via the Rafflecopter form down below. (Warning - you won't get the book until sometime in 2016!) The official in store date for the Australian edition is 25 January 2016 - a day before it hits the stores in the US and Canada.  Here's a link to the book: a Rafflecopter giveaway