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Ugh...Trying to get Motivated....Really!

Well the one problem with having such a wonderful and relaxing vacation is coming home and getting back into the groove.  I don't think I'm there yet.  As you can see by the month-long lag in my blogs, I've haven't been motivated to do much writing. So what have I've been doing?  Driving my daughter around to volleyball practice (she made the high school team), band practice (she plays the flute for the marching band), and to friends houses (she's trying to squeeze every little bit of summer vacation in before school starts on Monday). Celebrating - OUTSIDE IN won the Prism Award in the YA category!! (And I'd thought I'd come in third again :) Going to YA events - I was at the YA FEST in Easton on August 4 and had a blast.  I'll be at PAYA Festival this Saturday the 25th, signing from 2 to 3 p.m.  It's in West Chester, PA - here's a link to the event:!/events/424728464243967/   Doing interviews and writi