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Cover Model and Cover Art

Yesterday I had a photo shoot.  Yes, me - I'm going to be on the cover of the March 2011  Business Woman magazine (a local Pennsylvania magazine).  A local hair stylist did my hair and makeup.  It took her an hour and a half - the photo shoot lasted half and hour.  LOL - it took more time to make me look decent than to take the pictures!  And it took way more time the night before picking out an outfit.  I don't own any business suits and I try to find fun clothes that have an artistic flair.  I actually ironed for this shoot - something I never do - the cat was fascinated by the squeaky ironing board. Below is a picture my daughter took last night - my family thought I cleaned up nice ;)  Since I was out and dressed, I went to the mall to buy my last x-mas present.  YAY.  I was in Sears and a very nice man asked me if I was Maria V. Snyder the writer?  He recognized me!  First time I've been recognized in public that wasn't in my home town AND I looked good (unlike b

Coming full circle!

As you may know, I graduated from Pennsylvania State University (a.k.a. Penn State) with a Bachelors of Science degree in Meteorology (a BS in weather ;>)  One of the classes I took during my four years, was TV Meteorology with teachers Fred Gadomski and Paul Knight.  They also are the hosts of Weather World, along with Dr. Jon Nese.  Weather World does a nightly forecast for Pennsylvania as well as some other cool weather features and interviews.  It's shown on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) or you can watch it online at:   And if you watch it on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time or later on that day, you'll see an interview with me :)  If you miss it, don't fret - you can watch it here the next day: My TV meteorology class was...interesting.  I learned the graphics/maps are not really behind you, but on a TV screen off to the side.  You can't wear blue o

Busy Blog day...just not my blog

I already posted some links, but I wanted to re-post them as there are 4 different blogs where I've been featured or interviewed and 3 of them are holding contests to win a free copy of one of my books :) An interview and international contest at The Secret Writer: Interview and contest at The Page Turner's Blog:   Interview and contest at Between the Covers Blog: And an interview at Finding Wonderland for their Winter Blog Blast Tour: Stay tuned... I have another interview and contest coming up.  This time, we're offering all 3 Study books and not the US editions...oh no!  But the Australian editions!

Last minute blogging

It's sort of like last minute shopping - where you rush around and can't find exactly what you were hoping to find.  If only you had planned ahead, or had more time, or could clone yourself... I keep wanting to post blogs, but I want them to be wonderful, informative, and interesting.  I have pictures from the rest of my European trip, but they require me to re-size them and crop and... So what happens?  I delay and delay posting because the post in my mind has grown into this huge time commitment which would be wonderful, informative, etc... except it ends up being a quick post with links.   So I'm making my New Year's resolution early - I will blog once a week in 2011 even if it's short and includes links. A last minute notice about a book signing next week!  On December 17th, I'm going to be at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center:  at 51 North 39th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104. 215-662-8000. The