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Spring Fever...literally

Sorry it's been quiet around here - 16 days without a post.  The short version is I caught a nasty head cold/sinus infection, went to Texas, had a blast, worked too hard, came home still sick, and spent the next week  The long story is down below (warning - it's very long - but there are some pictures!), but first I need to anounce the winners of the Australian Give Away!  Thanks for all who posted reviews for INSIDE OUT and OUTSIDE IN all over the Internet - it is most appreciated!  I picked four winners by using a random number generator, and from those four, the person with the highest score won his/her choice of Study books or Glass books.  Second highest received the other set and the next two won Australian editions of INSIDE OUT  (I hope - I haven't heard from my AU editor yet!). The winners are: 1st place - Nicole - who picked the Glass books! 2nd place - Ashley - gets the Study books! 3rd place - Sophia - the AU edition of INSIDE O

Going Down!

That's down south to Texas, y'all ;>  I'm leaving at OMG-early tomorrow morning and will be there until late Friday birthday :)  Yeah, I was born on Tax day here in the USA - well, I think this year it's the 18th to give everyone the weekend to panic....I mean...prepare their tax forms. I wanted to post this last week, but a nasty head cold/sinus infection took me out for four days!  Here's my schedule for those who live in the great state of Texas! April 12, 2011 Reading, Reception, Q&A, and Book Signing at El Paso Community College, Valle Verde branch in the Cafeteria Annex (919 Hunter Drive, El Paso, Texas, 79915) 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. April 14, 2011 Book Signing at Barnes & Noble (La Frontera Village, 2701 Parker Road Bldg A Suite 700, Round Rock, Texas, 78681, 512-600-0088) 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. And it's 116 days until I arrive in Australia!!!  Further south than Texas and also a heck of a lot bigger :)April is also the releas

A Weekend in Dayton

 Books & Co in Beavercreek, Ohio  I'm home after spending a very fun weekend in Dayton, Ohio.  The weekend started off on a crazy note. I had an email in the morning saying my flight was delayed from 2:10 pm to 3:04 pm so I arrive at the airport around 1:45 pm and there's no one at the baggage desk and ALL the monitors say the flight is on time at 2:10 pm!  So I race through security (small airport - otherwise I would have been stuck). I was going to check a bag but no time and then I run through the airport only to see the flight is really delayed...grrrr.... except then they boarded us soon after I arrived and we left around 2:30 pm - so I'm not trusting Continental emails anymore!  L to R: Mara Purnhagen, Lisa Roecker, Julia Karr (standing), Sara Bennett Wealer (standing), Julie Kagawa, and Me.  Good thing that was the only snafu :)  On Friday night, Books & Co. hosted six YA authors.  They have a lovely store - two story with iron railings and