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Super Scary Sale + 4 Chances to Win!

Yes I know I'm a bad blogger.  Spring is always crazy for me.  And this year I have to finish Scent of Magic .  Yes, I know the book won't be released until the very end of 2012, early 2013, but my editor  likes to have it a year in advance if possible.  I'm trying to finish it by April 15th.  Spring is also school sports season for my kids.  Luke plays volleyball for his high school, and Jenna plays soccer for her middle school.  So everyday after school they have practice and games and fundraisers and really really smelly socks.  And tis the season for field trips, concerts, and conferences. In case you missed my latest newsletter, I wanted to let everyone know about a super sale for SPIRITED: 13 Haunting Tales.  The e-book is currently on-sale for 0.99 until April 8th!!  You can order the e-book on both Amazon and B&N websites:

TOP Blog Tour Grand Prize WINNER!

January seems like it was so long ago!  So much has happened since the US Blog Tour...there was the UK Blog Tour, and the Facebook event and chat with Australia.  I went skiing in Vermont for a long, exhausting, but utterly fantastic weekend and then went down to Miami Beach, Florida to hang out while my husband attended a candy conference (yes, you read that right :) With all that going on, I just realized that I didn't announce the winner of the $100 Spa Certificate.  My bad!  So without further ado...(ado?  really?  who comes up with these words?).  And by the way - there were 279 entries - wow!  And did you know that the 279th day of this year is October 5th - why do I know that because October 5 is when I recieved "THE CALL" from my first editor who bought Poison Study .  So it's a great number :) Oh, yes... the winner...  The winner is ENTRY #74...Jennifer M!!  CONGRATS!!!!