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Chatting with my Editor Part 4

This is the last post in this series of chats with my editor.  If you want to read Parts 1 to 3, scroll down through my blog :) At the end of Part 3, I asked Mary-Theresa this question: After the cover and copy are finalized, how much do you get involved with the marketing and publicity of my books? MTH: That’s the part that I have the least input with and it can be nerve-wracking! Luckily we have a talented marketing and PR group who take the titles to the sales force, discuss where to advertise, what signings to support, how and where to position the title and arrange for blogging tours and interviews. I’m there for backup to talk up the story as needed, review some of the print materials, and talk to whoever needs me! But once I’ve turned in the last bit, I need to let go and hopefully just communicate the information between author and marketing/PR and do all I can to support both sides of the equation. I need to remember that my focus is now on getting the author to work on

Chatting with my Editor Part 3

For those just tuning in - I've been posting a chat with my editor of nine years!  To read part 1, click here:   and to read part 2, click here: MTH: And while the manuscript bits are happening, we're also trying to find the perfect cover and copy to represent the book. How do you find that process? MVS: I always feel out of the loop when it comes to the covers for my books.  I know I fill out an art fact sheet about my books, including character descriptions, synopsis, visual elements, etc...  But after that, I've no idea how the artists, photographers and designers take those comments and transform them into a beautiful cover.  I did enjoy the few times I was able to "help."   It was fun picking the direction of the cover model's gaze for INSIDE OUT.  And I tell everyone the glass sta

Chatting with my Editor Part 2

I'm chatting with my editor, Mary-Theresa Hussey, who's been working with me for the last nine years.  If you haven't read it, check out Part 1 here: MTH: Maria--how do you see the revision process going? MVS: The revision process is easier for me.   My first draft is always the hardest to write.   It's when I discover all the story elements and plot.   I start with a character, a situation, and a vague ending, but what happens along the way is usually unplanned.   Once the first draft is finished, then comes the fun part.   I'll do a revision and send it to Mary-Theresa.   When you returns it to me with your comments, I open the file and read through them all.   Then I need a day to calm down!   It's funny how when I first read them, I'll be annoyed, impatient, exasperated, depressed, and excited (when I get that rare smiley face).   These emotions don't happen at

Chatting with my Editor Part 1

I’ve been working with my editor, Mary-Theresa Hussey of Harlequin pretty much from the beginning of my writing   career.   My very first editor, Helen French (out of the UK office) who made the call and bought POISON STUDY and MAGIC STUDY worked with me for about six months before leaving the company.   And, as a brand new author, still shiny, I was immediately worried because I’ve heard stories of orphaned authors, where the editor who loved her story leaves, and no one else in the company is interested at all. Mary-Theresa quickly stepped in, and she’s been mine…or rather I’ve been hers ever since.   Nine years of answering all my questions, addressing my concerns, and editing my manuscripts. I thought it would be fun to have a chat with my editor about our nine years together.  Me & Mary-Theresa MVS:  Let’s start at the beginning.   Back in 2003, you were in charge of Harlequin's new fantasy imprint called LUNA Books and looking for fantasy novels with str

May Madness

And I was doing so well with posting!  Then a few things converged and all my extra time for blogging disappeared.  This post will be a quick update on what's been going on and then I'm going to post a multi-part chat with my editor! BIG News - TASTE OF DEATH has a new title.  Book 3 of the Healer Series will now be titled, TASTE OF DARKNESS.  Various reasons were given - original title too morbid, too serial-killer-ish.  At first, I wasn't too excited about the change, but I trust my publisher and they were excited about the new title and it seems my Facebook friends are in agreement. So I'm happy. The cover isn't finalized yet, but I can tell you Deep Purple - very dark!  What do you think of the new title? I've also been working on STORM WATCHER revisions.  The book will be out in October 2013, but I'll be signing ARCs for STORM WATCHER at Book Expo America (BEA) in New York City (Javits Convention Center) on Thursday, May 30th at Table 13 from 3 to