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What I did on Vacation

I'm back after almost three weeks at the beach.  It was a wonderfully relaxing time and the only compliant I have about my vacation ended! So what exactly did I do, you ask?  I slept - I caught up on sleep and nap when ever I felt like it! I sat on my beach chair...a lot.  I don't surf or skim board or fish so my time on the sands was either spent sitting or napping or swimming.  We like to wait and go to the beach after 4 pm to avoid the heat, sunburns, and the crowds.  The downside is the lifeguards go home at 5 pm, but the upside, I did meet a few friends - the sand crabs (not sure that's their official name) come out at twilight and were fun to watch skitter sideways around on the sand. I caught up on my pile of magazines, and I read a stack of books.  Here's a list of the books I finished: The Death Cure , by James Dashner The Farm , by Emily McKay (not out yet - but will be soon - look for an interview on my blog). Darkbeast , by Morgan