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Back in Action :)

I returned from my adventures in Europe a couple weeks ago. And I've been spending my time meeting little deadlines all due before our Thanksgiving holidays.  One was doing the final edits on OUTSIDE IN - due today and finished last night :)  Another was writing a travel article for a local magazine called b magazine - it's geared for boomers.  I enjoy writing these articles, plus they allow me to take my travel expenses off my taxes :) Another deadline is filling out the Art Fact Sheet for my new Healer fantasy.  The only problem, I still don't have a title and I'm only a quarter of the way in.  But the art department likes lots of time to come up with cover I'll be brainstorming the next couple of days.  Either that or procrastinating. I was also visiting schools last week.  I visited my son's high school's creative writing class (no - he's not taking it :) and talked about writing and publishing.  Here's a group pic:  I'm in t

Greetings from Belgium!

The reason it's been quiet over here on my blog, I've been in Europe these last 9 days.  My husband has/had business in Switzerland and Belgium and at the last minute...well, not quite that short notice, more like a week...he invited me along.  I'm in Brussels right now and due home this Saturday.  I do love to travel, but I'm missing my kids - they're fun to travel with, but couldn't miss so much school. It's been an interesting trip - we started in Zurich, Switzerland for a few days, then took a train to Luxembourg for the weekend.  My husband is on a quest to visit as many countries as he can and I'm happy to keep him company :)  A train ride through Europe sounds romantic doesn't it??  I was looking forward to the trip - however the realities of train travel is far from idyllic.  After being delayed 4 hours because of the strikes in France (they'er striking over the increase of their retirement age to 62), we finally get underway. The