Winners Announced!

I'm back from my last trip of the summer.  It's been rather busy with two trips in June, two in July and two in August.  Two of them were for writing - the conference in Orlando, FL and a trip up to Seton Hill Univeristy to teach and meet with my mentees. I'm glad to be home for a few weeks before flying off to LA and San Diego, California in October.  I do enjoy traveling, but that was too much as I really couldn't enjoy my summer with my children.

As you can see - I've re-designed my blog.  Not me - my good friend Sarah who designs my bookmarks and did my MySpace page.  I decided I wanted something light and fun with butterflys and she whipped this together for me.  What do you think?  I love the blue butterflys that look like they're made of water.

All right - now onto the winners of SPY GLASS!  I can't believe there were 152 comments and I now how 101 followers - that's just amazing and I hope I can keep up with regular posts.

Mindy Rupp
Kelly (the one who posted on 8-21)

Congrats to them All!!!

If you're a winner - please email me your name and mailing address - my email is 

To EmmaVivian - What's your English teacher's name (I might know her :)


  1. As I said in the previous entry - loving the butterflies!

    Did you know that "Ixia" turns out to be a real word? I played it in a game of Scrabble the other day!

    "Southern African plant of the iris family with showy ornamental funnel-shaped flowers".

    "Spy Glass" is released in the UK on 17th September - YAY! Still no official release date for "Inside Out" but our branch of Waterstone's now has it in stock and it can be ordered for any customer.

    Do you know if you will be back in the UK anytime? You know you're always welcome.

    ~ Louise

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! I love the butterflies! Butterflies are my FAVORITE thing in the whole world! (see profile pic)

    Great layout, and congrats to the winners!

  3. Love the new look!
    Its Fabulous!

  4. I love butterflies and after the butterflies dust in poison study I think its a very fitting theme. Love the layout. Also thank you so much Maria! Never thought I had a chance when I saw the response from your fans. I can't wait to read the book. Sent you an email and once again thanks so much for being so great to your fans.

  5. Congrats to the winners! I'll have to go fight for my own copy then. I like the blue butterflies as well.

  6. Congrats to the winners!

    I like the butterflies too, it is a nice looking page!

    I was able to pick up my copy of Spy Glass yesterday at B&N! I am so excited, but I am re-reading Storm glass and Sea glass before starting it. But I can't wait!

  7. Ugh! I got excited when I saw "Kelly" as a winner, but was very bummed when I searched through the list of comments to discover I had commented on 8/17 instead of 8/21. :-( Any chance of a signed copy anyway?

    And yes, the blue "water" butterfly is awesome!

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