Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  It's the start of a new year and I already said back in December I would blog more as a resolution.  Well 6 days into 2011 and I already messed up! 

Here are the excuses :) In the last two weeks, I...
- wrote a 7,500 word short story titled, The Coldest Game for the Bewere the Night anthology coming out in May!
- wrote 10,000 words in the new healer fantasy novel (still no official title), but the book is due early March - yikes!
- prepared for three classes that I'm teaching for Seton Hill University's MFA writing program (leaving tomorrow - and side note to all aspiring authors out there - the Seton Hill Program is the best - just saying ;>)
- went skiing two nights (my legs are like jelly right now!)
- And did the whole holiday thing, shopped, wrapped presents, cooked, baked, entertained, you know...

If you've been looking forward to my next newsletter, you'll have to wait another week (see list of excuses above) Sorry!  But for all those who bet I wouldn't meet my self imposed deadline for the next issue (end of December) - you were right - feel free to gloat ;>

In the meantime - below is a link to an interview I did.  Yes, I'm all over the web and you've read dozens of interviews, right?  Right?  Come on....someone?....hello?....anyone there????   :)

However what makes this interview/contest different and unique is we are giving away a SET OF STUDY BOOKS and not the US covers or the UK covers, but the new AUSTRALIAN covers!!  My Australian publisher sent me a bunch of extra books and I'm going to be giving these babies away (and the Glass books, too), throughout the year!!!

Here's the link: http://fallenarchangelnews.blogspot.com/2011/01/maria-v-snyder-interview-and-study.html  


  1. Ah no wonder why.
    I was wondering happened to the bi-monthly newsletter.

    The Australian covers are awesome! I still have yet to buy the third book even though I've read it already.

  2. I stopped making "to-do" lists and started making "I did it" lists. They are much more encouraging to look at! Instead of seeing all the things you made a goal to do and didn't accomplish, you get to see all of the things you DID accomplish as life rolls along. Your list of accomplishments for this new year is quite amazing. I'm impressed!

  3. I read your interview. :D
    Did you name Valek after your cat or vice versa?
    Just curious.

    And the Australian covers are gorgeous! Fingers are crossed!

  4. No worries - we still love you!! What a great interview! I really enjoyed reading it.
    Happy New Year!

  5. The new covers look really nice, but I just LOVE the old ones so much. I liked the quick question/answers at the end. Interviews should be more like that. I love that Janco is your favorite character to write because he is one of my favorite characters to read.

  6. Thanks for sharing the link and taking time to do the interview! People are so excited to have the chance to win the series with these amazing covers!

  7. Love all the covers, each time they come out, each country's marketing. Also just watched your weather world interview. Great job! Congratulations on the article you've been asked to write. Such a busy lady!

  8. I am an avid reader, and have been since I read my first real book when I was 10 (I am now 29). So as you could imagine I have read many a book, but I mainly read series books. Only because I find one book doesn't seem to tell the full story.
    Anyway, my point was to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Only because my son unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. And had a re-laps months after diagnosis, which meant I had to move away from my husband to the city. Where my son spent 11 and a half months in isolation in hospital.
    This is where I have discovered your books, starting with the "Study" series, then I moved onto the "Glass" series. And I can tell you that you have saved me from going insane with boredom and loneliness. Because I felt that every time I picked up a book I was able to escape the horrible situation I was in, and lived through the eyes of Yelana and Opal.
    It isn't often that I follow an author, as I am hard to please sometimes. But you are now the third author that I am happy to say that I read your books. Please keep writing great books for me to read, because I am hooked. I have just ordered the next series through Amazon today, I live in Australia and cant wait till the local book shop get it in.
    Yours Faithfully
    Mindy Monck

  9. Is it wrong to want to enter the giveaway just to have the awesome new Australia covers!? I already have the UK set. LOVE the books!!!

  10. I would love to win, just to give the books to someone how would need them more than I do. I would even have them sent straight there!!

  11. I was so excited to enter the contest being that I had gotten the study books from the library but because I don't spend much time here in the blog world I missed the deadline. Shucks! BTW The background of your blog is very pretty :)

  12. Thanks for all the comments! I really liked the idea of a "I Did" list - it's more positive - thanks Melissa.

    Megan - my kids named the cat after Valek from my books. However, he only responds to Kitty. He's a rescue and was called Mr. Pickles - but he won't respond to that name either. Kitty isn't as cool a name as Valek, but he chose it :)

    Mindy - I'm so glad to hear that my books helped you out during a difficult time. I hope your son is better! Can you email me the name and address of the person you'd like to send a set of Study books to? I have a few contacts at the Australian office - my email is maria@mariavsnyder.com

    Ang - no worries about missing the contest - I'll have plenty more. I think you can subscribe by email to my blog - maybe that would let you know when I post sooner? I'm not sure how that works.

  13. I was given the glass books as a christmas present and i could not put them down! i cant tell you how amazing they are! Within ten minutes of finishing spy glass i had ordered the 'yelena' series via the internet. Including awaiting the delivery of these books i read all six in ten days, whilst having a 9 month old baby i did not get much sleep as you can imagine. I was just wondering if you were considering possibly writing more to the story. I personally would love to read Valeks story from his start to when Yelena finally defeated the fire warper! And i could imagine Zitora's story could be quite good. Im sure you are continuing to write other books and i may be wishful thinking about the possibility of the other stories but i am not ready to leave that particular fantasy world yet. I am currently re-reading the opal cowen books. I have never got so involved in a book until i read your amazing stories. If you have decided you have completed the story could you please recommend any other books you have written that are as amazing as those i have read.

  14. I agree with Jade-Rose and would LOVEE to read more about Yelena as I was intrigued by her experiences and life, treating it as a reality..... I am a 12 year old girl from Australia and your books were recommended to me by a friend. I started reading POISON STUDY and was mesmerized subsequent to the context within the book, shortly after, I followed through to the rest of the series also enjoying the GLASS SERIES. It only took me a couple of days to read each one owing to the fact that I read continuously throughout the day due to how much I took pleasure in them! I idolize your writing and love the analyses and profiles of ALL the characters, Yelena and Valek in particular. Please keep me updated on any new books or short stories as I would love to be able to read and benefit from your books and be enthralled as a result of your superior and detailed storylines and texts. Thanks and good luck with any other books/projects you are working on. I will always LoVe your series and the thoughts and description used within the content as well as keep the plot within my thoughts in remembrance of the great gratification the books demonstrated and brought to me!!!!!


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